Saturday, October 22, 2016

Little Ondine Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have something different today to share. Little Ondine is a brand that creates 5-Free vegan water based polishes. I have never tried water bases polishes so I was definitely intrigued to try these. This is a word heavy review, so let's get to it!

First off, I have to talk about the packaging. I love the minimalist square bottles and the labeling. Each polish comes in their own plastic square box with a wooden orange stick and those are mailed in a box box mailer. 

I was provided with five colors plus their Secret Top/Base Coat (a combination treatment polish). The creme formula is slightly stringy but they go on well, without issue. Most are opaque in two coats, I had one that needed three, and the black polish I was provided was deeply opaque in one coat (WIN). They do not have an odor that I noticed (to be honest, that kind of threw me off) and do dry somewhat quickly. Not lightening quick like I am used to with my quick-dry topcoat but within 30 minutes or so. 

Because they are water based, they will perform differently. Once you apply these, you want to keep dry within the first hour and avoid warm water within the first three hours of application. And once you do want to remove then, don't use acetone, they will instead just peel off in one sheet. 

I tested Red Red Wine on my right non-swatching hand for a few days and I got about three days of usage before I noticed some lifting and then I just peeled off the polish. No damage at all on my nail. It was like I had applied a liquid latex base except I had more days wear instead just a day like I would have with liquid latex. 

My only criticism is that because they are water based, if you have to do any clean up after your application, using pure acetone doesn't work that well. But I didn't have to do that much clean up, even with the black polish, the flat wide brush really helps applies neat lines. 

I really loved these, especially for someone like me who changes up my nail polish frequently. Because they have such a different type of polish formula, I do not recommend mixing these with your regular base and topcoats but it is really nice that their topcoat is a combo base coat as well. Cost wise, they are priced about the same as many indie polish brands, each polish retails for $12.99 each. 

For this weekend (10/22 - 10/23) use the code HALLOWEEN for 10% off plus free shipping on orders of $19.99 and above. Oh and you probably want to know where you can buy your own Little Ondine, this is their webshop plus links to their shipping and return pages. 

Little Ondine Smoky Mountain
Two coats
Light gray creme

Comes off on one easy sheet!

Little Ondine Citrus
Two coats
Buttercream yellow creme

Little Ondine Chai Latte 
Three coats
Milk chocolate brown creme

Little Ondine Red Red Wine
Two coats
Wine burgundy red creme
This color. THIS COLOR. Oh my, just enough brown in it to make it an oxblood shade. 

Little Ondine Back to Black 
One coat
Black creme
I have to talk about this possibilities this black brings. It is so gosh darn opaque (one coat shown below) that I can see myself using this frequently with nail art. And I don't have to worry about messy removal that black polish brings, because it will just peel off! Yeah, I know, I am starting to sound like an infomercial but this is made me so excited. 


Little Ondine:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pink Gellac Reminiscence Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have some new gel polishes from Pink Gellac to share today. These are all part of the recently released Reminiscence Collection, all colors that tie in perfectly as a fall seasonal collection. If you want to more about how to apply Pink Gellac, refer to my review of the Starter Kit I received a months back. 

Pink Gellac continues to impress me with their formula and easy application. I still consider myself a beginner gel polish, and these apply so easily and without complication. I love the autumn tone colors and that some are shimmers and some are cremes. To purchase the Reminiscence Collection or get the Starter Kit, head on over to the Pink Gellac website (which offers free shipping for orders over $65) or through their US distributor, Chickettes

Pink Gellac Black Velvet
Two coats
Dark grey/black with blue/purple pearl shimmer

Pink Gellac Burnt Amber
Two coats
Pumpkin orange creme

Pink Gellac Chocolate Brown
Two coats
Chocolate brown creme

Pink Gellac Luscious Red
Two coats
Dark burgundy red creme

Pink Gellac Warm Marsala
Two coats
Marsala pink with orange pearl shimmer


Pink Gellac:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cadillacquer Halloween 2016 Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hi everyone! For today, I have polishes from Cadillacquer. This five polish set is her Halloween 2016 Collection, available now from Color4Nails' shop

Cadillacquer Bones
Three coats
Dark taupe with white, black and orange glitter plus silver/blue sheen
I love the contrast of white against the dark, almost gray, taupe color. The black and orange glitter pieces are tiny so they are not immediately visible but they add some extra detailing. This went on easily but I need three coats for opaque coverage. 

Cadillacquer Devil 
Two coats
Black jelly with orange and green glitter and scattered holographic pigment
I love this! It reminds me a bit of the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, where Charlie Brown is waiting in the pumpkin patch at night. Slightly more opaque coverage here, I have this shown with two coats. 

Cadillacquer Ghost
Two coats
Pale blue tinted white base with holo and blue flake glitter
Simple but striking, with that pale pale blue/white base and the darker navy glitter. I was expecting to need minimum three coats but was happy to see that it got opaque in two. 

Cadillacquer Pumpkin
Two coats
Pumpkin orange holographic
Not a straight orange here, I see flashes of pink in the base, which make it look like a candied pumpkin shade to me, not the dusky orange you see from a regular pumpkin. That's just color semantics though, the color is gorgeous and it applies flawlessly. 

Cadillacquer Zombie 
Three coats
Green shimmer with holog and micro holo glitter
The name immediately had me singing in my head the Cranberries' Zombie. Well, if this is a zombie green, sign me up for the zombie life. It's shimmery and full of holo sparkle. Formula is very nice, as were all the polishes in this collection, and I used three coats for full opacity. 


*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*