Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Hands Friday

Happy Friday! How about some Happy Hands polishes to finish the week off with? 

Happy Hands What's This?
Two coats layered over Contrary Polish Bright Night
Part of the Holiday 2012 collection and discontinued
Worn a weeks ago when I had the shortest of nubs. Winter wonder on my nails. 

Happy Hands Art is Hard
Two coats layered over Lippmann I Know What Boys Like
Harlow and Co exclusive and can be purchased here
Very fun polish! I love the red heart glitter.

Happy Hands Ditto
Two coats layered over Illamasqua Cameo
LE and not for sale at this time
Bright blue glitter mixed with black and white and this is the stunning result

Happy Hands Flowers on the Highway
Two coats layered over Takko Lacquer Blushing Nude
From Greetings from Florida collection and currently available
One of Kristi's first releases, this cheerful polish is meant to represent the wide variety of spring wildflowers scattered alongside Florida highways

Happy Hands Orange Koolaid (mattified)
Two coats layered over Essie Action 
Prototype polish and not for sale at this time (but maybe in the future?)
This is just so very ORANGE, nothing more to say.

Happy Hands Beachy Keen
Two coats layered over Barielle Decandence
Part of Happy Hands' upcoming Beachy Keen collection
With this layering combo, reminds me very much of watermelon, which is perfect for summer.
Very fun polish, I have worn it a couple of times since receiving this.

Happy Hands Sandcastles in the Sand 
Three coats and then mattified
Part of Happy Hands' upcoming Beachy Keen collection
Inspired by (How I Met Your Mother) Robin Sparkles' summer love-song, this is an awesome neutral with a twist. 
I love the shimmery glitter reminiscent of seashells and ocean waves. 

BONUS! Here is "Sandcastles in the Sand" music video:

Beachy Keen and Sandcastles in the Sand (along with two others from the Beachy Keen Collection) will available tomorrow (YAY!) June 1st, 5 pm EST here and here.
Updates regarding Happy Hands news and etc can be found on her Facebook page here.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

China Glaze Hologram Collection

Today I have a few polishes from China Glaze Hologram Collection. My picks were Infra-Red, Strap on Your Moonboots, and When Stars Collide. They are very opaque in terms of application, I used two coats but could have really just used one. No special base coat or topcoat was needed, my photos are shown without a topcoat. The holographic effect is better than I expected. They are definitely not as holo as Jade, Layla, or Color Club holo polishes but still very linear. When Stars Collide is favorite of the three, I love that maroon holo!

China Glaze Infra Red

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

China Glaze When Stars Collide

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KBShimmer Polish Mega Post

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was lucky enough to be off for 4 glorious days (Memorial day and such) so being back at work today is a bit ho hum. At least my nails look nice. Today I have a pretty big post spotlighting KBShimmer polishes. KBShimmer's Summer 2013 collection will launch this Saturday June 1st and and review of those can be seen on Cosmetic Sanctuary's blog here

KBShimmer Band Geek
Three coats
For all those band geeks out there, this has a black jelly base and gold, copper, and 
silver glitters to represent the gleam of instruments lined up at attention. 

KBShimmer Bejeweled
Two coats layered over Sation It's All Navy Baby
Very regal polish with jeweled colors of purple, teal, and copper in a blue tinted base. 

KBShimmer Get Clover It
Two coats
How could I not feel lucky wearing this? 
Emerald green jelly base with lots of circle (!!) glitters in gold, green, and aqua.  

KBShimmer Key Lime Pie
Three coats
Totally makes me want a slice of cool Key Lime Pie. 
Lime green creme base with green, white and gold bar glitter. 

KBShimmer Orange-a-peel
Three coats
Another tasty color, this is a bright orange creme with pink, orange, and white glitter. 

KBShimmer Ring Master
Two coats layered over Cult Nails Evil Queen
Red jelly base with white, gold and black glitter. 

KBShimmer Shipwreck
Two coats layered over China Glaze Exotic Encounters
Blue green tinted base with teal, blue, purple and green glitters. Very oceanic. 

KBShimmer The Square
Two coats layered over American Apparel African Violet
White, purple, gold, blue, and teal square glitters in a purple tinted base.
A very square polish for a very square lady *pushes glasses back up* 

KBShimmer Toucan Touch This
Three coats
Very light lime creme base with gold, green, teal and orange glitter. 
Tropical theme at it's finest.

KBShimmer Watercolor
Three coats
Bright blue creme base with blue, silver and fuchsia glitter. 

KBShimmer Witch Way?
Three coats
Reminiscent of the night sky, this has a deep purple jelly base with small holo silver glitter. 

KBShimmer polishes (along with sugar scrubs, lotions and other bath goodies) can be purchased on their site here as well Etsy here. Updates regarding new colors and etc can be seen on their Facebook page here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake! collection

Is everyone ready for new episodes of Arrested Development that are set to premiere tomorrow on Netflix Instant? I WAS BORN READY. 

Yes, you could say that I am excited, so very excited. And in honor of tomorrow's premiere  I have Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake collection to share. The only one I don't have is Tricks Are Something a Whore Does for Money

Happy Hands Banana Stand
Two Coats
As George Sr. so eloquently puts it, there is always money in the banana stand. 
My favorite polish of this collection is this awesome banana yellow creme with brown glitter 
and money green flecks throughout. 

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only
Three Coats
In Wee Britain, certain items could be seen by British eyes only. Or be asked to lose 20 pounds. 
This dreamy teal polish has tons of teal glitter, including some holographic glitters. 
Very nicely layered but I like the impact it makes worn on it's own. 

Happy Hands Illusions, Michael
Two coats layered over Elevation Polish Mount Feathertop
Oh Gob, where would be be without you and your magnificent illusions accompanied by the Final Countdown.
This reformulated magical polish reflects it's inspiration with fiery red and orange glitter and gold stars to give it that extra oomph. 

Happy Hands Mayonegg
Three thin coats

Egg, I mean Ann's creation is an acquired taste I am sure. 
This is the reformulated version of Mayonegg and I absolutely love it. 
The bight egg yolk yellow glitter stand out oh so well against the soft egg white creme base. 
No problems at all with streaking as can sometimes happen with white polishes. 

Happy Hands Motherboy
One coat layered over Elevation Polish Lys Glacier
What is Motherboy? 
Only the very best Mother Son dinner/dance you could find yourself lucky to attend!
Motherboy has matte pastel glitters in lavender, lilac and light green and perfectly represents the glamour that is Lucille Bluth. 

Happy Hands I Just Blue Myself
Two coats layered over American Apparel Pacific Beach

Best of Tobias

Mr. Tobias Funke, a man who has many desires, one being a part of The Blue Man group. 
We are able to be a little blue ourselves with this vivid blue topcoat polish. 
This reformulated version has so many types of bright blue glitter, I almost can't take it. 

Happy Hands I've Made a Huge Mistake polishes are available in Happy Hands' Big Cartel shop here and Etsy shop here. Updates regarding restocking and new collections can be found on Happy Hands' Facebook page here

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cults Nails Thursday

As my co-worker would say, happy Friday-eve! How about some Cult Nails polishes to make it through your Thursday? 

Overall, I do really like Cult Nails' polishes. Formula wise, they are great and when they first came onto the polish market, I would buy full collections at a time. I have slowed down a bit, really only getting single polishes instead of a full collection. There is not anything negative that has led to this, just a general influx of indie polishes that became available. That being said, Cult Nails will put out some awesome sales and promotions, so be on the lookout for those in the future.

 Cult Nails Evil Queen
So shiny and bright, this candy apple red polish is wonderful. 
One of my favorite red creme polishes, definitely my favorite Cult polish.

Cult Nails Iconic
One of Cult's first released polishes, this wine red creme has some interesting 
detailing with gold shimmer and red flakies. 

Cult Nails Princess
Light dusky blue with copper shimmer. 

Cult Nails Scandalous
Coral jelly polish. Very pretty but takes a few coats to build to this opacity.

Cult Nails Enticing
Pale pink jelly. Delicate and ladylike, though not a color I am always drawn toward. 

Cult Nails Polishes can be purchased within their shop here. Updates can be found on their blog here or Facebook page here

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elevation Polish Mongolia Collection

I am very excited to share with you all Elevation Polish's upcoming Mongolia Collection set to be released in June. There is one more that will be released along with these three, Tavan Bogd, a dusty lilac polish. I could not pick a favorite of these, they are each so very pretty in their own way and as a collection, play really well off of each other. The inspiration for this collection comes from wonder that is the Mongolian countryside and I have linked some beautiful imagery to accompany each polish. 

Elevation Polish Khongoryn Els
Two coats
Purple tinted taupe with purple shimmer
Very smoky and mysterious.
Inspired by Khongoryn Els sand dunes in the Gobi Desert.
This photo of how Khongoryn Els at dusk translates wonderfully to how this polish looks. 

Elevation Polish Lake Achit
One Coat layered over Elevation Polish Tindur
Clear based blue glitter mix with ice blue, navy, teal, bright blue star glitters. 
OH MAN, do I love this polish. So many layering possibilities with Lake Achit. 

Elevation Polish Lake Achit
One Coat layered over Sinful Gel Tech Alfresco
Inspired by the stunning Achit Lake in Mongolia

Elevation Polish Gobi
Two coats
Holographic sand polish with that has a green to orange/brown color shift
Absolutely gorgeous polish. 
I love the scattered holo and it immediately brings to mind the sun-drenched sands of the Gobi Desert

The Mongolia Collection will be available during Elevation's June 7th restock and can be purchased here. Updates regarding all things Elevation Polish can be found here

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smitten Polish Tuesday

Smitten Polish Bananaberry
Very tasty buttercup yellow

Smitten Polish Huckleberry (mattified)
I love this one, what I always envisioned Raindrops should look like

Smitten Polish Mother of Dragons (mattified)
Inspired by the very awesome Daenerys Targaryen

 Smitten Polish Lemon Drop
There is a fine green shimmer throughout

Smitten Polish Naiad
Gorgeous teal polish, I love, LOVE the pink shimmer in it. 

Smitten Polish Nerds Redux
NERDS! Like candy on my nails. 

Smitten Polish The Ghost of Jupiter
Very much Space, the Final Frontier type of polish. 
And of course, the circles feed my circle glitter addiction. 

Smitten Polish Carousel Ponies
I love the colors in this periwinkle polish, I think they all go so well with each other

Smitten Polishes can be purchased from Etsy shop here as well as Llarowe here. Updates regarding restocking and collection releases can be found on Smitten's Facebook page here and her blog here

I do have some sad news to share. My car Zorro passed away this last Sunday. His picture has always been featured on my blog under About Me, so I thought I would share his loss here. It was very unexpected (he was just over five years old and had no signs of illness). Zorro, you mischievous rascal, you were a wonderful companion and I will miss you.