Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze

One of my favorite blue polishes has to be The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze. Something about this look just makes the blue polish lover inside me sigh in happiness. Sneeze Breeze is made up of blue and black matte fine glitter, though the polish could be worn solo with multiple coats, I ended up layering two coats over China Glaze Hanging in the Balance. A generous layer of Gelous and topcoat to finish off and then you will be pretty in black and blue.

Sneeze Breeze is available within The Hungry Asian's Etsy shop in full and mini bottles. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

Ave Secretan is a part of Elevation Polish's upcoming Buttes-Chaumont collection, set to be released in February. I applied two coats of Ave Secretan and 1 layer of topcoat. This lovely and vivid cherry pink polish has a creme formula but dries to very shiny jelly-like finish. In actuality, the polish appears more pink and less red than is shown in my photos. Formula is perfection but I would not expect anything else from Elevation Polish.

Ave Secretan will be available within Elevation Polish's shop on February 7th. Updates on stocking, new colors, and all other Elevation Polish information can be found on Elevation Polish's blog

Monday, January 28, 2013

OPI Sprung and A Butterfly Moment

Sprung and A Butterfly Moment are polishes from OPI's Mariah Carey collection. Sprung is copper metallic polish with pink and gold micro-shimmer throughout. Very easy application with two coats applied for full coverage. This looks similar to Jessica Polish Pumpkin Delight but I would have to compare them side by side to see just how close they are to each other.

A Butterfly Moment is a warm peach pink with a strong gold shimmer. Another polish that was easy to apply with two coats. The shimmer is definitely visible, even in low light. Not a color that I am usually drawn to though, this warm peachy pink doesn't really compliment my skin tone, so into the purge pile it goes. 

Sprung and A Butterfly Moment can be found online at various etailers, and in stores at Ulta, JCP Salons, and wherever else OPI is sold.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Spam

I've been bad about posting lately and for that I apologize. Work, school, life just seems to get in the way. I leave you with some (hopefully) awesome spam and regular posts will resume Monday.

Hare Medusa Luminosa

Hare Rusty Hearts

Essie She's Picture Perfect

Lush Lacquer Just Chillin
layered over Essie She's Picture Perfect

OPI Mad as a Hatter

OPI Absolutely Alice

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Spam: Nail Venturous Edition

Rustic Remains
layered over OPI Danke-Shiny

Flying Blue Jay
layered over China Glaze DV8

layered over OPI Creme de Menthe

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Orly Hot House Flower and Lynnderella Angel Food

I'm not usually a fan of pink nail polish . Maybe it was all the times I had to wear pink clothes growing up. That being said, once in a while, a polish like Hot House Flower comes along and makes me go "WHOA, what a pretty pink." This Orly is a neon orange pink with violet/pink flash. Super, almost blindingly bright but that just makes me love it all the more. 

In hindsight, applying Lynnderella Angel Food over Hot House Flower may not have been the best layering choice. You don't get to see the iridescent glitter or the base color quite as well. While this looks very pretty, I may have to reswatch this over a lighter color. 

Orly Hot House Flower is discontinued. I purchased my bottle off of Ebay, so I'm sure it will pop up there periodically. 

Lynnderella polishes can be purchased within the Lynnderella official eBay store here

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Elevation Polish The Wit, Freeway Park, and Street Side NYC

How about some more Elevation Polishes to view? These three are from the Urban Elevations collection that was first released in December.

Freeway Park is a bright green with a white frosted shimmer throughout. The formula is great, two coats of polish and no problems with application. Though it has a frost shimmer, the formula is definitely more like a creme in that you don't get those unappealing brush strokes that tend to come with some frosty finishes. 

The Wit is a deep blue jelly with blue flakes and super fine blue, green, and navy glitter. It is a jelly so the base color is somewhat sheer and may need to be layered over another color. I ended up doing three coats for complete coverage, though two would have been enough, and did not layer it over another polish. The result is just gorgeous. It reminds me of Lippmann Across the Universe, except this base is more pigmented and the glitter is of course much smaller. 

Street Side NYC is my favorite of them all, which I never would have thought to say of a yellow polish. It is mustard yellow with gold shimmer and again, formula was just so nice, no problems that yellow polish are notorious for. Per the creator, the inspiration comes from standing in the streets of NYC, with the yellow cabs going by. I love everything about this one, from the color, to the formula, to the inspiration. 

The Wit, Freeway Park, and Streetside NYC will be available on January 22nd within Elevation Polish's shop. Updates on can be found on Elevation Polish's blog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog Sale

I have updated my blog sale! It can be found by clicking on the tab at the top or just by clicking here

Monday, January 14, 2013

Elevation Polish Ginza

Ginza is a part of Elevation Polish's Urban Elevations collection that debuted in December. It has a rainbow of red, gold, blue, green, lavender, and turquoise small glitter as well as larger gunmetal glitter in a clear base. This is meant to be a topper polish, you could build the polish alone but it would require more coats of application that I would like. Great formula, no thickness whatsoever and no spareness of the glitter itself with application. I applied two coats of Ginza over Jungfrau and then mattified it to show it all off better. 

Ginza (along with Jungfrau) will be available on January 22nd within Elevation Polish's shop. Updates on can be found on Elevation Polish's blog.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Spam

Elevation Polish Matsuda

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza

OPI Glow Up Already

Contrary Polish Anna Maria

Sinful Colors Faceted
over Essie Butler Please

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OPI Stay the Night

Stay the Night is a part of the OPI's Mariah Carey collection, specifically, it's one of the Liquid Sand polishes included in that collection. When I first saw promo shots of this collection, I wasn't sure if I would want the Liquid Sand polishes. Normally, if I have a polish that is gritty, I need to apply enough top coat so that it has a nice glossy finish. With Stay the Night, the color is perfect, that blackened plum is really interesting with the rough texture and then after applying top coat, the color just glows. I am not sure if the other Liquid Sand color would appeal to me as much but if I could see this finish in something similar, like a blackened emerald or a multi-color glitter, that would be awesome. Application is very easy, I used three coats for full coverage. Dry time is was okay, not too fast but not any slower either. 

Stay the Night can be found online at various etailers, and in stores at Ulta, JCP Salons, and wherever else OPI is sold.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Elevation Polish Jungfrau

Jungfrau is the second polish that I have to show from Elevation Polish's upcoming January 321 metres Collection. Such a pretty blue denim polish with color shifting flecks and shimmer throughout. Great formula and easy application with two coats for full coverage. Jungfrau is a great accompaniment to Marmolada which I posted about yesterday. Both similarly toned blue polishes that play well off one another. 

Jungfrau (along with Marmolada) will be available on January 7th within Elevation Polish's shop. Updates on can be found on Elevation Polish's blog.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elevation Polish Marmolada

Marmolada is a part of Elevation Polish's upcoming January 321 metres Collection. Marmolada has that awesome circle glitter that Elevation Polish is known for in silver and light blue, as well as silver micro glitter and lavender hexes. The base color is a light blue jelly, a little on the sheer side so layering may be needed. I applied 2 coats of Marmolada over OPI What's With the Cattitude and then applied a layer of matte topcoat to really show it off.

Marmolada will be available on January 7th within Elevation Polish's shop. Updates on can be found on Elevation Polish's blog.

Friday, January 4, 2013

KBShimmer Candy Cane Crush, All Decked Out, and China Glaze Party Hearty

I was so busy over those last two weeks of December that I never posted some of my holiday themed nails. Though the season has passed, I thought that I should go ahead and post them, they are too pretty not to share.

China Glaze Party Hearty
layered over NYC Python Green

KBShimmer All Decked Out
layered over Rescue Beauty Lounge Recyle

KBShimmer Candy Cane Crush 
layered over New York Summer Hot Green