Friday, July 31, 2015

Guest Post: Savannah of Addicted to Polish

Today's guest post is from Savannah of Addicted to Polish

Hi everyone! I'm Savannah and I blog over at Addicted to Polish.  I'm a long time reader of Ida Nails It and I'm so excited to be guest posting for Ida.  I've bought way more polish than I'd like to admit because of her.

I'm always admiring Ida's nail art that she posts over on her Instagram and I rarely get a chance to do any (it also happens to be my birthday weekend), so today I'm embracing my creative side and doing a little nail art.

For this look I used:

China Glaze Snow
China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
KBShimmer Rum Me the Right Way 
Orly Shine
Striper Brush
Makeup Sponge
Quick Dry Top Coat

First I applied China Glaze Snow my quick dry and waited for it to dry. Making sure everything is dry is important.  If you don't, you'll end up with a disaster.  I know from experience.  After everything is dry I applied tape over the nail so there is only a strip in the middle that isn't covered.  With the make up sponge I used Thistle Do Nicely, Home Sweet House Music and Rum Me the Right way to sponge a gradient on the nail.  Remove the tape, and using the striper brush line the sides with Shine.  Top coat it and you're done!

Many thanks to Ida for having my on her blog!

OMG, how fantastic is this look?! Savannah did a wonderful post. If you would like to follow her, here are her social media links: 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Guest Post: Deborah of Love Varnish

Today's guest post is from Deborah of Love Varnish

Hi everyone! My name is Deborah and I am one of the bloggers from Love Varnish. When Ida asked me to guestpost for her, I just had to take her up on the offer. Ida has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now, because of her beautiful daylight shots and lovely nails. And well, she has a nack of convincing me I need all the Pahlish she shows ;-). My wallet doesn't like Ida as much, lol!

For todays post I decided to do some fun floral nail art. Ida and I are both part of a Facebook group that recently joined forces by all posting something with the same theme and that was floral. Normally I am not a freehand nail art type of gal but I got inspired and so this second floral look was born! It actually makes use of a tutorial published in the book Idiot's Guide: Nail Art written by Emily Draher, another beloved member of our Facebook group <3. 

I started out by painting all nails except my middle and index finger with 2 coats of Cirque Colors Nympho, part of the Vice Collection. This squishy pink neon has an amazing formula and it applied like butter. The 2 naked nails were covered with 2 coats of Cirque Colors Carpe Diem. I let the white polish dry for a bit and then used the polish brush of Nympho to create a few splotches of color along the sides of my nails. No need to be precise or perfect. just make sure some space is left between the edges of the splotches so you have room to create your leaves.

Using a trimmed down detail brush and Cirque Colors Memento Mori, I created the flower petals. Again, no need to be perfect, the imperfections are what make this design dynamic and interesting. With a dotting tool I filled in some white space and finished with topcoat for a shiny result. 

Don't they look great? I wore these for 2 days straight and had some nice compliments on them - people were so surprised to hear these were hand painted. They even looked nice on Cindy, the dominant hand ;-). 

Ida, thanks again for having me over! I had a real fun time creating these for you :-).


I love the pretty and bright floral design that Deborah went with. And you most definitely need to be following her, her social media links are: 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vacation time!


 I am leaving today on a family trip to Canada and will be gone until very late next week. 
I have a bunch of wonderful ladies who will be guest posting for me while I am gone. 
They all went above and beyond in creating some seriously cool blog posts for you all, so check back every weekday to see what they post. 

See you in a bit!

Cupcake Polish Las Vegas Showgirl Collection (Partial): Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a partial review of Cupcake Polish's Las Vegas Showgirl Collection for you today. I got to meet Sara, the creator of Cupcake, when I during my stay in Las Vegas for Cosmo Prof CPNA. She is such an awesome lady and I love her laugh, every time I heard it, it made me want to laugh to. And then there is just laughing all around. 

I received these polishes while I there for the convention and I love the concept of blingy and shiny flakes and glitter in holo polishes. You can see the over the top that is Las Vegas showgirl costumery in this collection. Out of the five polish collection, I have four to share, the one that I am missing from my review is Copa Girls, a grape purple linear holographic with the same flakes and glitter that the other four contain. To see what that looks like, check out ThingsILoveattheMoment's review.

Application wise, they are what I have come to expect from Cupcake Polishes. They are on the thick side, not surprising by what goes into these polishes, but not too thick to cause issue with application. They are also opaque, needing only two coats for full coverage for each one. I applied one coat of topcoat and that was good enough for swatching but I think that a double layer of topcoat may help with any dry down of the glitter and flakes, especially if you plan on wearing these for a few days. 

The Last Vegas Showgirl Collection will be released Saturday August 1st at 11 am CST in Cupcake Polish's shop

They will be priced at $13 each. And as with previous Cupcake Polish collection launches, you can purchase the entire set of five at a discounted price of $60 for the first 24 hours. And there is a discount code too! Use the code: COSMOPROF2015 for 10% off your entire order, that code is good until 9/1/15.

Cupcake Polish Bluebell Girls
Two coats
Teal blue linear holographic with sterling silver flakes and holo micro-glitter
Blue in any shade as a holo is an automatic winner for me. But this shade of blue, DAMN. Those flakes and glitter are working it in the base color and both in and out of direct sunlight, you have a stunning polish. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Cupcake Polish Folies Bergère
Two coats
Bright pink linear holographic with sterling silver flakes and holo micr-glitter
Considering this a Las Vegas Showgirl inspired collection, I would consider this a Flamingo hot pink color. And it's awesome in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Cupcake Polish Jubilee
Two coats
Silver linear holographic with sterling silver flakes and holo micro-glitter
Totally a high impact polish! And my favorite of the four, it's just so SHINY. And holo. Basically all I need in life. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Cupcake Polish Lido de Paris
Two coats
Gunmetal gray linear holographic with sterling silver flakes and holo micro-glitter
Almost black in coloring but those flames and holo glitter lighten the color. I do like the contrast of those flakes and glitter against the darker base.

(Direct Sunlight)


Cupcake Polish:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have some new polishes from Different Dimension to share with you today. I had a chance to meet Missi, the creator of Different Dimension, while I was in Las Vegas attending the Cosmo Prof CPNA convention. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone I have been representing as a blogger and she is such a lovely lady.

The Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection is a set of six holographic polishes, all with added glitter and flakes. They applied so well, most needing two coats, one or two needing three. Each one had a bold high density holographic flame, which is my personal preference. Because a few have more glitter than others, you will see a few variances in finish. Those that do have the extra glitter may dry down to a gritty finish, which is not problematic, I would just recommend a double layer of topcoat to for a glass smooth finish.

I also have a coupon code to share! EXCITING! If you use CPNA2015 you will receive 30% off orders placed before August 31, 2015. I know I will be using that to fill in a few gaps in my own collection.

The Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection will be available on August 1st at 9 pm EST in Different Dimension's shop. There will also be a huge clearance sale of retired inventory during this time.

Different Dimension Absolute Zero
Two coats
Champagne linear holographic with holographic micro-glitter
For those that like their holos on the neutral side. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Blue Shift
Two coats
Cobalt blue linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
Wow oh wow! A majorly intense blue. Very opaque as well, I barely needed to add on that second coat of polish. When I do see a intense blue like this I do worry about potential staining. I can't say this will stain, as I just swatched it but if you have concerns, you may want to apply a ride-filler or other thick base coat.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Cosmic Ray
Two coats
Fuchsia linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
A beautiful color, so bright and fresh, and one of my favorites of the collection.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Quaser
Two coats
Light purple linear holographic with sparse holo micro-glitter and blue sparks
Because there must be a purple. But that's because purple polish is awesome. And so is this!

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Retrograde
Two coats
Bronze linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
OMG. Another brown holo that I love. What is happening to me? Have I gone to the brown side? Lol I am being dramatic I know but yeah, this is my favorite of the six and I have no doubt it will be a collection favorite for you guys too. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Space-Time
Two coats
Aqua teal linear holographic with holo micro-glitter and blue sparks. 
I love this sort of aqua color shade, it makes me want to do some sort of mermaid nail art with it. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension will also be releasing nail art glasses on Saturday, August 1st. It's the size of a shot glass and you can use it for nail art, water-marbling. I think it's just the right size to keep next to me when I do my nails, filled with a bit of acetone to do clean-up with. OR you could use it for drinks, to hold change, really anything you heart desires. (I know some of you will be doing shots though LOL). 


Different Dimension:

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pahlish The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! Double post for you guys today. I am going on vacation later this week so I want to make sure and have everything needing to be published go up before I leave. Earlier I showed you Elevation Polish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection, this afternoon is Pahlish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection. 

Both Shannon (Pahlish) and Lulu (Elevation) had watched the Netflix series, Marco Polo, and decided to use the same inspiration of Marco Polo and his travels and each make their own collection. I think it's an great way for both the brands, as well as their customers, to see how such a collaboration can lead to both a cross-over as well as differentiation of colors with their final results. You can totally tell which collection belongs to which brand as well as how the historical (and fictional) figures and far away cultures and countries influenced their creative process. 

Some clarifications of this collaboration:
  • Both Elevation Polish and Pahlish will release seven polish collections. They are using the same inspiration but each collection is different from the other, so there will be 14 different polishes total from both brands! 
  • Each brand will be releasing their collections in their respective shops, though you can purchase the collaborative duo in both brands' shops.
  • Elevation Polish will have her traditional square bottles, Pahlish will have their collection is their traditional round bottles. 
  • Each polish, for both brands, will have the same special edition label, like the ones are on The Venetian Duo: 

Pahlish's collection is a beautiful set of polishes. As with Elevation's collection, there are a range of colors, in various finishes. Formula and application was easy breezy, again, something I expect from Pahlish. 

Pahlish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection will be released August 2nd at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop. The Venetian Collaborative Duo will also be released at this time in Pahlish's shop.

Pahlish Hashshashin
Two coats
Pale taupe cream with subtle red pearl shimmer
Would it be a Pahlish collection without a taupe? It would but it wouldn't be the same without that taupe addition. This one is nice and creamy and has a subtle red pearl shimmer. The shimmer is more prominent in person than in my photos, however, I would not expect a crazy bold shimmer when you get your bottle. 

Pahlish Eternal Blue Sky
Two coats
Deep teal linear holographic with bright green sparks
Teal + Holo = Grabby Hands! 

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish Hundred Eyes
Two coats
Mahogany brown linear holographic with bronze shimmer
I was blown away by how much I loved this color as I am not always a brown polish person. But that shimmer, it's adds to the already rich and earthy brown color. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish Khanbaliq
Three coats
Milky jade-white creme with a mix of red metallic flakes
OH MY. Definitely my favorite of the collection. That color, with those flakes, yum.

(With Matte Topcoat)

Pahlish The Cricket Minister
Two coats
Olive creme with scattered blue, green, and gold ultra-chrome flakes
I fully admit that I was probably least looking forward to this polish. Murky greens, as with browns, are just not colors I go for. BUT after putting this one, I found myself admiring the color on my nails and definitely changed my mind. Also, the color appears darker on my nails than in the bottle, just by a smidge, but I wanted to still mention that. 

(With Matte Topcoat)

Pahlish The Heavenly and Primal
Two coats
Blackened ruby linear holographic
Perfection. For me anyway. And in the sun! Holy heck, it's stunning!

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish White Moon
Three coats
Silver linear holographic with scattered platinum sparks
When I opened my collection package, this is the polish that immediately drew my eye. And if you see it in person, it will get you too. It's a super duper, hella holo silver, with such a bold holo flame that you may need to hide your nails while driving. Yes, I may have been distracted judgement lol. 

(Direct Sunlight)



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*