Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guest Host with Nail Newscast Episode #23

Hi everyone! I had the pleasure of meeting Tia from Iced Lacquer and Courtney from Swatcher, Polish-Ranger during my Cosmo Prof trip last week. These two have their own blogs but also are the duo that make up Nail Newscast. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to one of their Nail Newscast episodes, they talk about upcoming collections and trends in the nail polish world as well as interviewing makers and brands (like Lulu from Elevation Polish!) as well as other bloggers. They were such awesome ladies and I felt like we just had an instant connection, so toward the end of our stay, I basically invited myself to be a guest host on their Cosmo Prof recap podcast and they were nice enough to say yes and include me.

We recorded our podcast last night and it is now live for you to hear! It's a long one, I think their longest episode, at two hours. But if you are curious as to what our week looked like or just want to hear out lovely voices, then you should listen! You can do what I do and just listen while doing your nails or break it up into while you commute to work, etc. Here is the direct link to that episode: 

Once you are on that page you can listen a few ways. You can just click play and listen to it on the webpage. You can also click on Powered by Podcast Garden and download the episode to your device. And finally you can click on Hear Us on Stitcher (on the right banner) and listen to there on that platform. 

Thank you to Tia and Courtney for being gracious enough to bring me on for this podcast! It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and they are so freaking awesome. Here is a pic of all us at Color and Cocktails, an event that we talk about during the podcast: 

From left to right: Tia, Courtney, and Me!


Tia - Iced Lacquer:

Courtney - Polish, Swatcher-Ranger:

Nail Newscast:


  1. I had no idea there was a nail polish related podcast! How freaking awesome is that!?!!!


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