Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elevation Polish Higravstinden

Elevation Polish has slowly become one of my favorite indie polish sellers. Lulu, the creator of Elevation Polish, has some great colors in her store and she has a wide variety of finishes including glitters, cremes, duochromes, or shimmers. This is from her August Island Collection. Higravstinden is a rich teal color with shimmer and though I used 2 coats, you could get away with just one. The formula was great, not too thick and applied just as well. As an accent nail on my forefinger, I applied Maisie Shine Beach Bunny, another indie seller which I will showcase at a later date.

Elevation Polish may not have the name recognition yet of some other indie brands but the quality, uniqueness of the polish colors, and her consistent restock schedule are worthy of notice. Every polish I have bought from Elevation has impressed me and I hope to show them all here at some point.

Elevation Polish stocks on the 7th of each month, both on her Big Cartel and Etsy store. You can find information about her store and what colors she stocks by going to her blog:

Maisie Shine Beach Bunny can be found on her Etsy store.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OPI DS Glamour

I will keep this simple since I am always awkward when introducing myself. My name is Ida and I love nail polish. I wanted to have a place to post my polish pictures, so along with the many nail polish blogs that are out there, here is my contribution. Since I love music, comedy podcasts, reading, TV, really anything pop culture related, I will be posting a Book/TV show/Movie/Podcast/Music of the week as well.

To start things off, here is one of my absolute favorite polishes. It's blue! And holographic! One of the few polishes in my stash that has a backup, and though it is harder to track down now, if you can find it, get it.