Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hare Polish Lana Del Rey Duo: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have Hare Polish's Lana Del Rey Duo for you today. This duo was inspired of course by Lana Del Rey and was a limited edition set that Hare released in her shop late May. It is not available in her shop any longer but limited amounts were sent to Hare Polish's other stockists so check out Llarowe, Rainbow Connection and Femme Fatale Cosmetics to see if they will be receiving this set and when. 

Hare Polish I'm Your National Anthem
Three coats
Cherry red jelly base with blue to purple ultra chrome flakes, gold micro-flakes and holo pigment
*DROOL* One gorgeous looking polish! I love a good red (and this a GOOD red) and then you add the flakes and just that dash of holo to give it the extra sparkle. Thinner style formula since it's a jelly so I ended up doing three coats for coverage with a hint of my visible nail below.

Hare Polish Pretty When I Cry
Three coats
Sandy taupe with metallic silver and blue iridescent flakes and blue shimmer
A very nice compliment to I'm Your National Anthem. I didn't think of it at the time but I bet they would look awesome together. I like the coolness of the metallic flakes in sandy base. This also has a thinner formula, it needs at least three coats for coverage. 


Hare Polish:

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ida Nails It Summer Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today brings a special blog post. I have had this giveaway in the works for quite some time now. It was originally meant to be a blog anniversary giveaway. My previous blog anniversary was in August 2014. Yup, I have had these polishes for almost an entire year! I KNOW. I apologize for the much MUCH belated-ness of this. So this instead of a blog anniversary giveaway, this is more of a Hurray! SUMMER IS HERE AND IT'S AWESOME! type of giveaway. 

Thank you to Crows Toes, Darling Diva Polish, and Elevation Polish for generously donating the prizes. These are brands I have represented proudly and who have become friends to me as well. They are just wonderful and if you read this blog you probably have seen their polishes and even more likely, have purchased from them. 

And a great big THANK YOU to all my readers and viewers. Whether you just were looking for a swatch photo and stumbled upon my blog or read each and every single line, this blog would not have gotten this far without you. ALL THE HUGS FOR YOU!!

Now, without further ado, let's see what the prize polishes are!

Crows Toes Ingrounded
Three coats
Aqua blue jelly base with blue/purple color shifting glass fleck shimmer, blue iridecence and shimmer and sparks of holo super-fine micro-glitter
This is one that was recently released in Crows Toes Nitty Gritty Collection. It's a aquatic beauty to be sure. A lot complexity and sparkle. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Darling Diva Polish Rouge
Two coats
Rouge red linear holographic
A deep and vampy classic red. Gorgeous in natural lighting and just outstanding in the sun. This is a custom named polish, though for those who don't end up winning, Darling Diva Polish Grand Rite is super close in color. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Elevation Polish Cactus Flower
Two coats
Coral creme low density linear holographic
A creamy and dreamy coral pink. It's just a tad dusky in coloring and the holo sparkle gives it some extra oomph. This was originally released as a part of Elevation Polish's Annual Charity Auction in 2014

(Direct Sunlight)


There will be four winners, each receiving a bottle Crows Toes Ingrounded, Darling Diva Polish Rouge, and Elevation Polish Cactus Flower.

The prize packages will be open internationally. 

Once packages leave me, whether they are to an international or US winner, I am not responsible for the package. I will do my best to pack everything well and provide tracking numbers but lost or broken packages can not be replaced. 

The giveaway is open as of today until midnight July 10th CST. The winners have 48 hours to answer my email and claim their prize. If there is not a reply after that time, I will select a new winner

You MUST be 18 years or older to enter. 

Giveaway or spam accounts will not be acceptable. Winning entries will be verified. Also please don't follow to enter and then unfollow after this ends. If I see that happen, you will not be allowed to win any future giveaways. 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Digital Nails The Definitely Not Cute Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
HELLO! I have a fan-freaking-tastic collection to share with you all today from Digital Nails. The Definitely Not Cute Collection is a seven polish set, all inspired by the animated short series Bee and Puppycat. You may be wondering, What is Bee and Puppycat? It's about a girl, Bee, who is unemployed and runs into a puppy? cat? creature (appropriately named Puppycat) and their adventures. This is a short series, so far there are five episodes, each about 10 minutes or so. And you can watch them all yourself here, which I highly recommend you do, it's funny and weird and very addicting. 

So my thoughts about this collection. I loved each and every polish. I know! I say that a lot here. But  I feel like Raphaelle took the inspiration from the series and ran with it. The colors and names and overall passion that went into this collection makes me so happy. Since the polish themselves vary in finish and formula, I will make notations of those underneath each ones's descriptions. And if have never seen or want to watch Bee and Puppycat (BUT YOU SHOULD) I think you will find a polish or two or three that would tempt you anyway. 

Digital Nails The Definitely Not Cute Collection will be released this Friday, June 26th at 6 pm CST in Digital Nails' shop

Digital Nails Dreamy Bee
Two coats
Light orchid crelly with various sizes of pale aqua and sky blue glitter. And it comes with a Bee ring!
I ended up swatching this one twice. The first time I applied three coats and I felt like the glitters ended up looking somewhat muddled. The second time I applied two coats, this time adding more to my brush before applying and I had full opacity and I felt that glitters look perfect that way. This will dry down bumpy as the crelly formula is thin, so make sure to double up on your topcoat.

Digital Nails An Eggplant for a Pillow
Two coats
Dark eggplant purple creme
You know you want an Eggplant pillow, I know I do! And you will definitely want this Eggplant polish. It's a deep and dark purple that is so flipping perfect formula wise. It's opaque enough for stamping if you so choose. 

Digital Nails Secret Space Outlaw
Two coats
Black jelly base with charcoal holographic glitter
Oh the mysterious Puppycat. Who is he really? Only time will will reveal more about his Space Outlaw alter ego. In the meantime we can enjoy this sparkly and equally enigmatic polish. And like every single holo micro-glitter polish ever, it's hard to capture quite how amazing those holo sparks look in photos. You need no more than two coats for full coverage. As with Dreamy Bee, you will want to apply two coats of topcoat for a smooth finish.

Digital Nails Use the Sword AS A SWORD! 
Two coats
Neon pink magenta crelly. 
A blindingly neon pink to be sure, my favorite kind. It's crelly formula gives it a high shine factor and depending on how opaque you want it, you can get away with two or three coats. I applied two coats and did not have a hint of visible nail line. And it references one of my favorite lines from the series, all around winner for me!

Digital Nails Crotch Ice
Layered over An Eggplant for a Pillow
Clear base with gold to green to aqua color shifting flakes and color shifting pigment.
You hope you never need Crotch Ice but it's always good to have! Absolutely stunning in person. It's made to be worn over a dark base so applying it over An Eggplant for a Pillow was a no-brainer. And that's one coat! Yeah.

Digital Nails Crotch Ice
Layered over Use the Sword AS A SWORD!
While I loved Crotch Ice over Eggplant, I think my favorite combination was it over Use the Sword, the green against the neon pink was so striking. I am going to wear this combination again and this time I will matte it. 

Digital Nails Fish Don't Cry
 Two coats
Mint green crelly with gold to green to aqua color shifting flakes
Inspired by baby Wallace and his tears. We get the same wonderful color shifting flakes that are in Crotch Ice but this time in a colored base. And what a color! It's mint yes, but a brightened, just shy of being neon, mint. 

Digital Nails Glitter in My Pockets
Four coats
Clear base with a rainbow assortment of pastel glitter and gold iridescent squares
Glitter! Everywhere! I know that there have been times where I have had glitter on me (and not just my nails). Hey, it happens. Casualty of being a nail polish lover. Glitter in My Pockets is pastel goodness. You can build to opacity or layer it. I did both, the first time building up with four thin coats and a generous layer of topcoat. A little thick when you build opacity but nothing unmanageable. 

Digital Nails Glitter in My Pockets
Layered over An Eggplant for a Pillow
And if you want to layer, there are so many options. I liked it especially over An Eggplant, the purple made the pastel colors pop and you can see the glints of the gold iridescence. This is one coat layered.

Digital Nails Queen of the Derp
Two coats
Monthly LE
Mid-toned purple crelly with holo pigment and blue shimmer
Digital Nails will be now be releasing monthly limited edition polishes to showcase special ingredients and discontinued pigments, glitters, etc. Queen of the Derp is the first month's offering and while it doesn't technically belong to the Definitely Not Cute collection, it does compliment the other seven quite well. No sun shots unfortunately but it does have a nice medium density holo flame, Digital Nails has a pic of it under the sun on her Instagram.


Digital Nails: