Monday, June 15, 2015

Hare Polish Femme Fatale Exclusives Kraken Vacations on Kangaroo Island & Mermaid Sighting in the GBR: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! I have a couple of Hare Polishes to begin the week with. These two were created exclusively for Femme Fatale Cosmetics, a Australian polish and beauty shop that is also a Hare Polish stockist. They are not in stock at the moment but they should be restocked in the future in the Hare Polish section of the shop. You can follow Femme Fatale Cosmetics on Facebook as well as Instagram for updates. 

Hare Polish Kraken Vacations on Kangaroo Island
Three coats
Bright purple magenta jelly base with black and blue/purple iridescent glitter
ACK, SO PRETTY. That's was my first reaction. It's a bold color and the black contrasts so well against it. Three coats to build to full coverage and a generous layer (or two) of topcoat and you're done. 

Hare Polish Mermaid Sighting in the GBR
Three coats
Teal blue jelly base with light pink dots, gold glitter and flakes and blue iridescence. 
I can definitely see the mermaid inspiration and I love the glow of iridescence. This is a bit thicker compared to Kraken Vacations on Kangaroo Island, so just wait a bit between coats. 


Hare Polish:


  1. I just found out clicking on your pictures makes them HUGE <3! I literally drooled over all the gorgeous details in these polishes.

  2. They really are huge, I know, it's part laziness that I don't resize them. But I am happy that you like them that way!!


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