Friday, June 28, 2013

Holo Spam Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Another post and run but this time I leave you with some holographic awesomeness. Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

A-England Rose Bower 

A-England Sleeping Palace

Color Club Blue Heaven

Jade Magia Negra

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Uau

LA Girl Electric Coral 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dollish Polish Wednesday

Hey guys! This is just gonna be a quick spam post today, not really any commentary but I will get back on track tomorrow. Enjoy!

Dollish Drop. Your. Sword.

Dollish Polish Dark Elf

Dollish Polish Gym Tan Laundry

Dollish Polish Scarab

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lacquistry Gratuitous Violets and Yolk-o Oh-no

Hey everyone! I haven't updated for a few days, mostly due to a busy birthday weekend. I am just a little bit close to 30! Here are a couple of spring 2013 Lacquistry polishes to end our Monday with. 

Lacquistry Gratuitous Violets
Two coats layered over OPI You're Such a Budapest
I do really like this lilac and copper combination. They contrast so well against each other. 

Lacquistry Yolk-o Oh-no
Two coats layered over Essie Bazooka
Bright and sunny, great for a spring collection. 
I don't like shard glitter all that much so that's why I purged it but otherwise a lovely polish. 

Lacquistry polishes can be purchased in her Etsy shop and updates can be found on her Facebook page

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lippmann Wednesday

How about a bit of a change with some mainstream polishes? Here are a few Deborah Lippman polishes to ease you through your Wednesday. 

Lippmann Across the Universe
Two coats layered over Sation I'm in the Navy Baby
Despite the few dupes out there, I do think the original is a must own Lippmann. 

Lippmann Across the Universe mattified
I prefer this one mattified, the glitter stands out much more. 

Lippmann Cleopatra in New York
Three coats
Somehow, this sorta blurry pic was the best that I had. Needs to be retaken. Super simple concept of gold glitter in a black base but is elegant and a new favorite of the Lippmanns I own.

Lippmann Glitter in the Air
Two coats layered over Essie Mint Candy Apple and mattified
I want to like this more but somehow it falls flat to me. Maybe it's because of how sparse the glitter is. 

Lippmann I Know What Boys Like
Two Coats
Lovely dark periwinkle. Great formula, if there's one thing to be said about Lippmann polishes, it's that the creme formulas are usually really good. 

Lippmann Mermaid's Dream
Two coats
Playful and summery, a fun interpretation of oceans and mermaids. It dries to a more gritty finish than other glitter polishes, so a couple of layers of topcoat are needed to get a glossy and smooth finish. 

Deborah Lippmann polishes can be purchased on her site, Amazon, and Nordstrom

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scofflaw Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut, Sturm Und Drang, and Underripe

Hey everyone! I have a few Scofflaw Nail Varnishes to share today. I have yet to wear the Scofflaw's summer collection that I had ordered but those are just so pretty, check out Samarium's review of them here.

Scofflaw Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut
Two coats
Limited Edition
Oh I have so much love for this one. Periwinkle and micro glitter? Be still me heart.

Letter to Kurt Vonnegut mattified
Did this just get more awesome with matte topcoat? YUP. 

Scofflaw Sturm Und Drang
Two coats
Blackened gray with gunmetal, fuchsia and lime green glitters. Not colors I would imagine going well together but yet they do. 

Scofflaw Underripe
Two coats
Kiwi green base color with gold and green circles and black squares. 
Meant to be a sister polish to Overripe. Perfect polish representation of a kiwi just shy of becoming ripe! 

Underripe mattified

Scofflaw Nail Varnish can be purchased within her Etsy store (though she is out of stock right now) as well as Llarowe. Updates can be found on Scofflaw's Facebook page

Monday, June 17, 2013

June Blog Sale!

Hey guys! I have updated my blog sale page here. Please let me know if anything interests you. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Spam, Pahlish Edition!

Happy Friday you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here are a some Pahlishes that I've worn recently. Pahlish will be restocking their shop tonight as well as releasing their Throwback collection (reformulated polishes that she used to carry) at 7 pm CST here. A sneak-peak at those new colors (along with  other updates) can be found on Facebook

Pahlish Bittersweet Symphony
Two coats layered over black

Pahlish Bixby Bridge Canyon
Two coats layered over Essie Armed and Ready

Pahlish Dark Paradise
Two coats

Pahlish Glittoris
Three coats

Pahlish Glittoris
Two coats layered over Orly Hot Shot

Pahlish Little Caroline
Two coats

Pahlish Oh Dear...
Three thin coats

Pahlish Peculiar Purple Paste
Two coats

Pahlish Green and Giggly
Two Coats

Pahlish What Do You Mean It's Blue?!
Two coats

Pahlish Stir Up the Honey Bees
Two coats

Pahlish This New Sun
Two coats

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dance Legend Optical Illusion and Robots vs Humans

How about some holo aweseomeness for humpday today? I have a couple of Dance Legend holo polishes that definitely fit that category. Dance Legend is a Russian polish brand that has recently become available and offer a wide range of texture, thermal color-changing, glitter, and holographic polishes. I got a couple of holographic polishes through a group order (how could I not?) and am really happy with the polish quality. 

These holos apply very easily, no special base coat needed. I wore these with two coats of polish, though the polish is opaque enough with just one coat and I topped them off with a layer of OPI Designer Series top coat, which did not dull the holo effect whatsoever. These are shown in direct sunshine, no lightbox for me (one day I will get on that...). The only critique I have is that the bottle packaging is a I have a feeling that the metal handles/caps may discolor at some point. BUT this is a minor thing, the polish formula itself is great, so the packaging would not deter me from buying more of this brand. 

Optical Illusion

Robots vs Humans

Dance Legend polishes can be purchased directly on their website (though shipping may take awhile) as well as They are coming soon to Ninja Polish, and can also be purchased from Color4Nails, order by emailing Sisi (she is so nice, love her!) at

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Super Black Lacquers Becky, Purdy, Sweet Tooth, and The Bends

Hey guys! I have some Super Black Lacquers to share today. Super Black is a line by Natalie Dee, internet lady hero extraordinaire. The polishes are really nice formula wise, not too thick, and apply easily and the clean cut square bottles appeal to the packaging slut in me. Natalie manages to keep her shop well stocked and ships quickly. If something is out of stock, no worries, she will get that item stocked as soon as she can. 

Super Black Lacquers Becky
Two coats
LOL, please don't tell me you didn't have that in your head. And if you didn't already, just click on the hyperlink, you won't regret it. Well maybe just a little.
Dark navy jelly packed with green micro-glitter. 
Simple conceptually but very unique. 

Super Black Lacquers Purdy
Two coats
Light purple creme with red shimmer.
OH I LOVE THIS ONE! It's applies like a dream and super shiny. 
By far, my favorite of these four.

Super Black Lacquers Sweet Tooth
Three coats
Multi-color glitters in a violet jelly base. 
Very tasty, like candy on my nails!

Super Black Lacquers The Bends
Two coats
Black, white, and holo turquoise in a deep blue base. 
Beautiful! In hindsight, I should have matted this, it would have looked amazing that way. 

Super Black Lacquers are available here. Updates can be found on Super Black Lacquer's Facebook page

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crows Toes Monday

Good morning! Another weekend has come and gone and I am nowhere ready to start my work week. Here are some Crows Toes polishes to (hopefully) brighten your day. 

Crows Toes Triple Black Diamond
Two coats layered over Nails Inc Baker St
Superfine black glitter with some holo scattered throughout. 
Intriguing and especially appealing over the blue base.

Crows Toes Maxxed Out
Two coats layered over Savina Purple Pansy
Gold glitter in all it's glory. 
Definitely a must for any gold polish lover. 

Crows Toes Heartless
Three coats
Micro-fine black and berry holo glitter.

Crows Toes Gomez
Two coats layered over Kiko #383 Oil Blue
Black, blue, gunmetal and gold glitter.

Crows Toes Um No..He Went to the Pawn Shop
Two coats layered over Sation Dating the Duke
Another great gold from Mz. Crow, with touch of turquoise to make it special.

Crows Toes Bone Daddy
Two coats layered over OPI My Pointe Exactly
Wholeheartedly love this polish. 
The white and iridescent glitter in the gray base is perfect for a Halloween collection

Crows Toes The Horse S#@t in the Pawn Shop
Two coats layered over OPI My Vampire is Buff
Copper, gold, brown, turquoise, red, who would have thought these would all go well together?
Just goes to show you that sometimes mistakes end up with the best results

Crows Toes polish are available at Llarowe, Overall Beauty, and Shoppe Eclecticco. Updates regarding new collections and etc can be found on Crow's blog