Monday, June 10, 2013

Crows Toes Monday

Good morning! Another weekend has come and gone and I am nowhere ready to start my work week. Here are some Crows Toes polishes to (hopefully) brighten your day. 

Crows Toes Triple Black Diamond
Two coats layered over Nails Inc Baker St
Superfine black glitter with some holo scattered throughout. 
Intriguing and especially appealing over the blue base.

Crows Toes Maxxed Out
Two coats layered over Savina Purple Pansy
Gold glitter in all it's glory. 
Definitely a must for any gold polish lover. 

Crows Toes Heartless
Three coats
Micro-fine black and berry holo glitter.

Crows Toes Gomez
Two coats layered over Kiko #383 Oil Blue
Black, blue, gunmetal and gold glitter.

Crows Toes Um No..He Went to the Pawn Shop
Two coats layered over Sation Dating the Duke
Another great gold from Mz. Crow, with touch of turquoise to make it special.

Crows Toes Bone Daddy
Two coats layered over OPI My Pointe Exactly
Wholeheartedly love this polish. 
The white and iridescent glitter in the gray base is perfect for a Halloween collection

Crows Toes The Horse S#@t in the Pawn Shop
Two coats layered over OPI My Vampire is Buff
Copper, gold, brown, turquoise, red, who would have thought these would all go well together?
Just goes to show you that sometimes mistakes end up with the best results

Crows Toes polish are available at Llarowe, Overall Beauty, and Shoppe Eclecticco. Updates regarding new collections and etc can be found on Crow's blog


  1. These are all great but I especially love your Bone Daddy mani! That's one of my favourite glitters, definitely my favourite Crows Toes!

  2. This is going to sound crazy, but do you still have The Horse S#@t in the Pawn Shop? And, if so, would you consider selling it? My friend needs it to complete her collection of CrowsToes so I'm trying to surprise her

    1. Hi Mary, I do still have that polish, but it's one of those that I can't really bear to part with, I am sorry! I hope you can track it down for her though.


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