Monday, June 3, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Monday

Good morning! I have a few Lumina Lacquer polishes for today. The polishes from this brand are ones that are FULL of glitter and very attention grabbing. Every time I have worn one of her polishes, I have had strangers ask me what I am wearing. I didn't have to fish at all for those large glitters, but dabbing method is better when applying. 

Lumina Lacquer 1000 Julys
One coat layered over Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo
Holographic stars, hearts, moons, large circles with black and blue hexes.
Makes me think of hanging out on the water on a hot summer night.

Lumina Lacquer Discotheque
One coat layered over Cult Nails Enticing
Red stars and hexes, purple holographic circles, pink diamonds, and gold stars. 

Lumina Lacquer Camouflage
Two coats layered over China Glaze Keepin' It Teal
Large green and turquoise circles, hexes, stars with black hexes.
My favorite of the three, very unique and unlike anything else I have in my collection.

Lumina Lacquer polishes can be purchased here. Updates regarding restocking and new colors can be found on Facebook here. Next restock (with 8 new polishes!) will be this Thursday, June 6th, at 1 pm CST. 


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