Thursday, October 31, 2013

CrowsToes Fall 2013: Better Late Than Never Collection

Hey guys! Today, I get to share with you all CrowsToes' Fall 2013: Better Late Than Never Collection. This collection consists of nine polishes, all with varied colors and finishes, something for everyone. I am always impressed by the diversity and colors that Crow comes up with and the Better Late Than Never collection is no different. 
This is probably the most pic heavy post I have done to date, so far warning...

CrowsToes Dragon in Drag 
Layered over Cult Nails Charming
Clear based glitter topper with emerald, violet, teal and iridescent glitter. 
One of the many reasons I love Crows Toes is her very creative polish names, and this one is just...LOL. 
Dragon in Drag is packed, and I mean packed, with glitter, I only had to use one coat in each of the photos below. 
If you were craving that signature Crows glitter-bomb, make sure to pick this one up. 

CrowsToes Dragon in Drag 
One coat layered over Illamasqua Rampage
I wanted to give you a another view with Dragon in Drag. 
The whole look changes with this darker green jelly base but just as appealing. 

CrowsToes Green Eyed Lady
Two coats
Blackened green base with gold flakes galore.
Crows' macro pic of this really shows off the gold flakes in this.
Dark but with the gold detailing, yummmmm. 

CrowsToes Hellhound
Two coats
Burgundy base with red/orange/gold color-shifting shimmer. 
OH YES, this color is perfection. 
It requires no layering to capture the color shift, though if you did apply it over black, it would likely give you a more dramatic look. 

CrowsToes You Are Here
Two coats
Black base with a ton of multi-colored glass flake shimmer. 
Looking closely (here is a macro courtesy of Crow herself), I can see glints of purple, blue, pink, silver. 
I really like how complex this one is, at first glance it looks similar to Green Eyed Lady but they are different, this one is more cool in tone and the shimmer is completely opposite of Green Eyed Lady. 

CrowsToes Zero
Three thin coats
Ghostly light blue crelly (creme/jelly) base with tons of white, iridescent and orange glitter. 
This has that same iridescent glitter that is in Too F*%#ing Cold from the CrowsToes/Elevation Polish collab
Inspired by Zero, the loyal companion from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
An unique glitter mix for sure, though a note on the formula. While the iridescent glitter is great in the color, it makes the formula a little thick. My recommendation is to not load up your brush too much before applying and to wait a few minutes between coats. And it will need a generous layer or two of topcoat to smooth out. But the effort is worth the look!

CrowsToes Half Past Yesterday
Two coats
Warm purple base with copper shimmer and glitter. 
Similar in tone to CrowsToes Milquetoast but of course the base color is not the same. 
The copper and purple compliment each other really well.

CrowsToes Quarter Till Today
Two coats
Warm purple base with a tone of purple shimmer. 
Sister polish to Half Past Yesterday. 
I could not staring at my nails with this on. 
The copper shimmer practically glows in the purple base and it applies oh so smoothly. 

CrowsToes Black Widow
Two coats
Black black holo with red holo micro-glitter.
This one is in-your-face holographic, even in low light. 
My bad luck that I've had a rainy few weeks where I live so my direct sunlight photo is in weak sunlight. 
This photo by Crow will give you an idea of how holo Black Widow is.
While wearing this,I want cackle manically.........Mwahahahaha!

Comparison between Black Widow and One Trick Pony, the other previously released CrowsToes' holo.
One Trick Pony is on my index and ring finger 
Black Widow is on my middle and pinkie finger
As you can see, while both are holographic, the colors and finishes differ. 

CrowsToes Indian Summer
Three coats
Deep purple berry base with a purple/red color shift. 
MOTHEROFALLPOLISH, how stunning is this polish?! 
My description does not do this justice. The photos are better, but really, this is one that is magic on my nails in person. 
If I could only recommend one polish from this awesome collection, this is it. 
Do not hesitate, just grab it when it becomes available!

CrowsToes Indian Summer
Two coats layered over black 
Holy heck, I don't even know how this could get better but it soooo does. 
Layering over a dark base deepens the color and takes it to another level. 

Family photo time!
(all courtesy of Mz Crow herself)

Whew! Did you make it all the way to the end? If so, you deserve a treat! I am sure you are wondering when these will become available, which is very very soon at Llarowe

Makes sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook, as well as CrowsToes' Facebook page and blog for future updates. These all will be available soon as Crows' international stockists: AtoutsCharme, Mariagastadeira, Norway Nails, Femme Fatale, Rainbow Connection, and Overall Beauty

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Wednesday

Hello everyone! Today I have a selection of Revlon polishes, specifically from their newest Parfumerie line. These, as I understand, are not limited edition polishes. I found my bottles at a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond but they look like they will be available wherever Revlon cosmetics are sold. 

As you may have guessed, since the line is named Parfumerie, these are scented polishes. After the polish has dried, the scent comes about. The scents are not super strong but definitely noticeable. I wore China Flower for an afternoon and could smell it the whole while. I lovelovelove the packaging for these, the bottle shaped are unique to my collection and fit quite nicely in my Helmer. 

Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice
Two coats
Brown base with gold and orange shimmer. 
It looks less brown in the bottle than on the nail, even with that, I really love how this looks. Very rich and rustic looking. 
Scent is exactly as it is called, a little spiced, a little cinnamon like. 

Revlon Parfumerie Italian Leather
Two coats
Dusky khaki gray with gold shimmer. 
I don't always like this type of color but somehow it's working for me. The scent though, it's my least favorite. It's more sweet than leather like.

Revlon Parfumerie Surf Spray
Three coats
Very light ocean blue with flashes of pink. 
This one is the most sheer, I needed three coats for full coverage. 
The scent is fresh, a bit like a crisply scented soap bar. 

Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets
Two coats
Very deep and dark purple with slight navy shimmer. I like the color but not love. I am sure I have a dupe of the color somewhere in my stash, so this is kept more for the packaging more than color. 
This one has a floral scent, of violets I guess, but it's hard to distinguish a specific floral note. 

Revlon Parfumerie Bordeaux
Two coats
Rich berry creme
This color is definitely one I like, it's cool in tone but bright, not too vampy. 
It has a fruity red wine scent, which is appropriate lol. 

Revlon Parfumerie China Flower
Two coats
Bright coral red creme
Such a vibrant color! Of course this red one is my favorite, another one that while yes, I more than likely have a dupe of, I will hold on to it for now. 
The scent is weird, it's floral but also very earthy, almost mossy. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elevation Polish November 2013: Naughty by Nature Collection

Good afternoon! I am very excited to share with you all Elevation Polish's newest collection. The Naughty by Nature Collection is going to be released within November 7th's restock (at 9 pm CST). This collection has quite a number of cool toned colors, a few blues, and one very red polish that is like the crazy cool odd friend that you can't imagine having a party without. (Lol, does that metaphor work? Well, I'm going with it). 

Something that is different about this collection and that ties in with the theme is that these polishes are all water based polishes! That means that each one you get would be 5 free (No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor) and Vegan. And you know what? I could not tell a difference in application or formula from her previously released polishes. Only one was a tad thick and I made a mention of it under that specific polish.

Elevation Polish Black Ice
Two coats
Charcoal base with ice blue/silver shimmer and micro-flakes, all drying to a matte finish. 
With just one coat you get full coverage, I applied two because that's my habit. 
Black ice never looked quite as good and this version is not a safety hazard
Adding a layer of regular topcoat (as I did in the second photo below) makes the shimmer very prominent but I think I prefer the matte look without topcoat. 

Elevation Polish Black Ice
Two coats with topcoat

Elevation Polish Forest of the Fog
Two coats
Dark teal crelly (creme/jelly) with blue and violet micro-shimmer. 
This one was a little thick, so I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats. Otherwise no other issues.
The blue/violet shimmer is so pretty in this color, giving it a glows-from-within quality. The second photo is a direct sunlight shot to show it off.  

Elevation Polish Pitaraq
Two coats layered over Forest of the Fog 
Clear based topper with white, silver and icy blue micro glitter and flakes. 
Looking at this polish, I can very much see the inspiration behind it, but this one is more enjoyable I am sure than an actual pitaraq

Elevation Polish Pitaraq
Two coats layered over Forest of the Fog and with matte topcoat.
Mattified, you can really see the fine detailing that this polish has. 

Elevation Polish Volcanic Dust
Two coats
Brick red creme.
FLAWLESS creme formula but then I expect no less from Lulu. 
Compared to Matsuda, this is darker, less pink in tone. Matsuda also has a pink shimmer, Volcanic Dust is a straight creme. 
It's not easy to pick a favorite from this collection, but this is it for me. I love red polish, and this one is such a saturated red, instant love. 

Elevation Polish Naked Night Sky
Three coats
Taupe jelly base with mint, periwinkle, white, and silver glitter. 
The base color is similar to Colline du Charf but Naked Night Sky is darker and more brown in tone. 
The jelly formula gives it that shiny squishy look and the glitter colors are an unusual and subtle combination. 

Elevation Polish Naked Night Sky
 Three coats and mattified
Matte all the things! But really, how lovely does this look with matte topcoat? 

Elevation Polish Darkest Storm
Two coats
Deep dark blue holo.
This is super duper holo, even in low rainy day lighting (like in the first photo) you can see the holo effect. And in full sunlight, that holo flame is fantastic!
I have more than a few blue holos and can honestly say that this one is a must have. It applies very easily, does not require a special base or topcoat and the dark blue color itself is wonderful. 

This collection will be available next Thursday, November 7th at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop. Make sure to check out Elevation's blog for updates. Llarowe carries select Elevation Polish's as well and those can be found here

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Monday, October 28, 2013

Manglaze Monday

Hey guys! I have a few Manglaze polishes to start off your week with. I have featured Lesbihonest and Butt Taco before last year but I wanted to update my photos of them. Manglaze polishes are matte finish polishes, similar to the OPI Suede polishes. I really love how they look as they dry to that matte finish but if you apply a layer of topcoat, the shimmer in each polish really comes alive. Oh and the names, lol, the names are half the fun! I haven't seen new colors released by this brand in a while but their regular line has a good number of polishes to choose from, so check them out if you haven't already. 

Manglaze Lesbihonest
Two coats
Bright fuchsia with pink shimmer. 

Manglaze Lesbihonest
(with topcoat)

Manglaze Santorum
Two coats
Dark brown with gold/brown shimmer.

Manglaze Santorum
(with topcoat)

Manglaze Butt Taco
Two coats
Coral orange with gold/orange shimmer.

Manglaze Butt Taco
(with topcoat)

Manglaze polishes can be purchased through their web-shop as well as through Updates can be found on their Facebook page