Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LA Girl 3D Effect Hologram Quartet

Good afternoon! I have a few polishes from LA Girl's 3D Effect Hologram collection. This collection consists of scattered holo polishes, you won't see a linear holo flame but they are beautiful with lots of holo sparkle and very pigmented colors. I believe I wore them all with three coats, though two coats get you full coverage. They are all so frickin' pretty, especially on a bright and sunny day, but I would have to say that Brilliant Blue is my favorite of the bunch. 

LA Girl Brilliant Blue

LA Girl Purple Effect

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Teal Dimension

LA Girl Cosmestics can be purchased directly through their website as well as through Cherry Culture. You can find them in stores like Rite Aid, or like me, very randomly at HEB, a Texas grocer. Check out LA Girl's Facebook page for updates and new collections. 

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