Thursday, December 31, 2015

Chaos & Crocodiles and Emily de Molly I Want to Believe Collaboration Collection: Swatches and Review

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Hey all! I have a new collaboration collection to share with you today. Chaos & Crocodiles and Emily de Molly teamed up to create this four piece I Want to Believe Collection. This set was inspired by the TV show, The X-Files. I only seen episodes here and there of The X-Files but I have it on my Netflix queue to binge in the near future, especially since there will be new episodes releasing soon! As for the collaboration, Sarey and Hayley did an fantastic job creating these polishes with their beautiful and varied colors and finishes. 

 The I Want to Believe Collection will be available pre-order for a 24 hour period starting Saturday, January 2nd at 8 pm EST until Sunday January 3rd at 8 pm EST only in Chaos & Crocodiles shop

This is a limited edition release so they will not be available after this weekend's pre-order. You will have the option to purchase the full collection or individual bottles.

Chaos & Crocodiles Never Give Up on a Miracle
Two coats
Deep burgundy red linear holographic with subtle gold shimmer
One seriously stunning color. So deep and rich and very opaque, barely needing a second coat for coverage. The holographic density was a medium to high one and I apologize I wasn't able to show you sun shots of this. 

Chaos & Crocodiles You're My One in Five Billion
Three coats
Black jelly base with gold to green to blue iridescent flakes and blue/violet micro-flake shimmer
Love those glassy flakes in the black base. The base color itself is almost a blue black with the added shimmer. You will likely need to apply three coats like I did to reach full opacity. You could also layer one coat over a black or navy base but I like the shiny finish you get with multiple layers of a jelly polish. 

Emily de Molly Human Oddity
Two coats
Lighter toned blue holographic with silver holographic micro-glitter
So pretty with it's icy coloring. Nice amount of coverage with two coats. I love the sparks from the holo micro-glitter. This is has a thinner style formula so I depending on how much you load up your brush when applying, you could do two coats like I did or three to cover any visible nail line. It also has a medium holographic density.

Emily de Molly I'm Not Saying It's Aliens
Two coats
Medium green holographic with green to blue iridescent flakes and subtle red shimmer
A earthy and mossy green color with the added flakes and shimmer that give it some depth. Easy application with two coats. As with Human Oddity, depending on the how thin you apply your coats, you may want to do a light third coat. The holo density is a low to medium one. 


Chaos & Crocodiles:

Emily de Molly:

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Top 25 Polishes of 2015

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Purchased by Me
Hi everyone! You probably noticed that my blog has been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks. I've been busy with family and holiday stuff but I will be (hopefully) be back to regular posting soon. For today I have the requisite end of year Best of List to share. 

I didn't have any particular requirement except that it had to have been released in the year 2015. There were SO MANY great polishes this year, I initially started out with over 50 polishes and then narrowed it down (not so easily I might add!) to 25. This was a year that I tried a lot of both new and new-to-me indie brands. I also didn't buy that many mainstream polishes, almost none since summer collections, come on mainstream brands, you need to step up! I did also say goodbye to one brand for personal reasons (Elevation Polish). Other friendships and brand/blogger relationships got stronger. Overall it was a good year and I am excited to see what 2016 will bring. 

Side note, I took a cue from Valesha of Peachy Polish and am doing a "Why this made my list" thing. And these are in alphabetical order.

Chaos & Crocodiles Narwhals Love Donuts 
Part of my Top 25 because:
The color! It's such a light shade of pink, which I don't think I have a holo color exactly like this. 

China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer
Part of my Top 25 because:
China Glaze didn't call out to me that much this year with the exception of their Road Trip Collection and this one was my favorite of the set, with it's subtle copper shimmer and dreamy blue color. 

Crows Toes The Holographic Principle
Part of my Top 25 because:
A "DAMN THAT'S HOLO" type of holo and the slightly lavender tint to the silver.

Crows Toes Wheeler's Bag of Gold
Part of my Top 25 because:
Seriously bold gold glitter/flake/shimmer bomb.

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking
Part of my Top 25 because:
You will likely see this on more than a few lists this year but for good reason. It's got that amazing blue flash and such a great glowing shade of purple. 

Cupcake Polish Blood Hound
Part of my Top 25 because:
Another vampy holo from Cupcake because she does them so well!

Darling Diva Polish Game Over, Man!
Part of my Top 25 because:
First of all, it's red. But also because of those holo flakes that sparkle through the cherry red polish. 

Darling Diva Polish Taste Out Pleasures
Part of my Top 25 because:
One of those polishes that you can't take your eyes off, with that specific shade of orange toned red and that combination of ultra-chrome flakes. 

Different Dimension Retrograde
Part of my Top 25 because:
Because Different Dimension creates some of the best formula holographic and it was hard to choose a color but this one was so unique among my collection.

Different Dimension Star Stream
Part of my Top 25 because:
I loved the metallic Dream Team trio but this silver number was perfection.

Digital Nails You Said It, Man
Part of my Top 25 because:
So many reasons! The Big Lebowski inspiration/reference, the wonderful application and the saturated magenta color, all making this a no-brainer for me.

Emily de Molly Modern Luster
Part of my Top 25 because:
My Emily de Molly collection grew quite a bit this year, thanks their US shipping hub. This pink and gold polish was an instant draw for me and even more a winner when I put it on. 

Essie Garden Variety
Part of my Top 25 because:
Essie was the only mainstream brand that I bought full collections of this year, their Flowerista Collection was such a great one, with Garden Variety being my favorite. 

Fair Maiden Polish Masquerade
Part of my Top 25 because:
I went back and forth between this and The Archeress from their Swords and Lace Collection but in the end, this cerulean blue was too pretty to not include here. 

Femme Fatale Love's Wound
Part of my Top 25 because:
Another gold and pink color combination but this is a much cooler toned pink and pretty freaking amazing to wear. 

Girly Bits I am Calm!
Part of my Top 25 because:
Because despite the deep, dark, vampy burgundy polishes I already own, this felt fresh and is just a beautiful polish.

Great Lakes Lacquer Thanksgiving Bay
Part of my Top 25 because:
Great Lakes Lacquer is a newer brand but really hit the market in a strong way with some amazing polishes. My favorite was this monthly limited edition with it's beautiful blue shimmer. 

Hare Polish I'm Your National Anthem
Part of my Top 25 because:
Those ultra-chrome flakes! They are stunning in this cherry bomb of a magenta red. 

Hare Polish The Swan Station
Part of my Top 25 because:
Because the soft peach toned white with the silver flakes is something I didn't even know I wanted until I saw it. That's basically all my Hare Polishes though. 

Indigo Bananas Volcanic Corruption
Part of my Top 25 because:
Because RED, like I need a reason lol. 

Lollipop Posse Lacquer This Fruit Was Bruised
Part of my Top 25 because:
Another new brand in 2015 and whom I am excited to know what's next. This polish is exactly like it's name, a bruised purple holo that is fantastic in the sun. 

Pahlish Bespoke Batch Blood of the Mountain II
Part of my Top 25 because:
Choosing just from my 2015 Pahlishes was a task of it's own! I ended up picking just two, this is one of their recent Black Friday releases and I LOVE the updated version of this beloved release. 

Pahlish Sailing the Hispaniola
Part of my Top 25 because:
Cobalt blue is one of my (many) weakness colors and to have a holo version is pretty darn awesome.

Polish My Life The Alps
Part of my Top 25 because:
A beautiful nude is a polish necessity and I was on the hunt for a new one when this landed in my review pile. Perfect formula and self leveling and a neutral shade I can always pull out.

Scofflaw Nail Varnish Goldstone
Part of my Top 25 because:
Last but not least is this burnt orange beauty from Scofflaw. The shimmer is delicious aganist that gorgeous orange color. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles and Strawberries & Champagne LE NYE Duo: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have a new set from Paint Box Polish to share with you today. This is a different sort of duo, in that instead of a pair polishes, this duo consists of a sparkly glitter polish as well as a scented mani fizz. Here is maker Pam's take: 

"Our Poppin Bottles polish and Strawberries & Champagne mani fizz duo is inspired by the glitz and glam that you see at New Year's Eve. Clothes are sparklier, hope for the new year is high, and as the clock strikes midnight, the champagne flows! 

Start by soaking your hand in the fruity and refreshing Strawberries & Champagne mani fizz. It's nourishing butters and oils will soften your hands and leave a light scent behind. This fizz is accented by glam gold sugar to help get you in the mood to celebrate!"

I loved the concept of pairing these two together. The price of them together for $11.50 is also an appeal to me. This is a limited edition set and you can get yours now in Paint Box Polish's shop

Also, you can use the code IDANAILSIT for an extra 15% off your order!

Paint Box Polish Poppin Bottles
Two coats
Silver, pewter, and copper holographic micro-glitter with gold micro-flakes in a lightly tinted base
Glitter party! On my nail! That's how I feel anyway. This was on the thick side but I didn't have any issue with application. It's opaque enough that I applied just two coats for coverage, if you wanted to apply thinner coats, you may need three coats for opacity. And you will most definitely want to double up your topcoat so have a smooth finish.

Strawberries & Champagne Mani Fizz
I don't usually like sweet or fruit scents (coconut and citrus is my exception) but I really loved this strawberry and champagne scented fizz. It's light and just enough sweetness but not overly so. I didn't use my mani fizz yet, I am saving for some much needed holiday time pampering but I have used Paint Box Polish mani fizzes in the past and they are wonderful and quite nourishing. 

Ingredients list: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salts, cornstarch, coconut oil, tocopherol, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil, sugar, skin safe dye


Paint Box Polish:

Don't forget to use the code IDANAILSIT for 15% off your order!

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paint All the Nails: Secret Santa Edition

Hi everyone! You may recall my previous Paint All the Nails posts (here and here), in which a group of fellow nail bloggers (myself included) come together to create nail art looks around a specific idea or prompt. For this month, we were each randomly assigned another group member a la Secret Santa style to re-create a nail art look. My Secret Santa is the very talented Nathalie of La Paillette Frondeuse. It took me a while to figure out which look I wanted to recreate as she has so many gorgeous ones to choose from! I spent more than a bit of time reading her blog and finally decided on this saran wrap nail art look she posted here

I started out with a black white base on three of my nails using Pretty Serious Presence. Then I applied a few random drops of Essie Bell Bottom Blues and Essie Leggy Legend (both from Essie's Fall 2015 Collection) and using a bit of balled up saran wrap, created the marbled design. On my ring finger I applied Essie Leggy Legend as an accent with two gold square studs from Born Pretty Store

I love the finished look! The bronze/gold metallic with the bold blue and stark white are just amazing all together. I do think Nathalie's original design is far better then mine, you should check out her post if you haven't already. 

Make sure to click on the Link Up links below to see what my fellow nail bloggers have created! This is a fabulous group of ladies and I am so lucky to be part of this group. 

Also, give Nathalie some love, here are links to her blog and social media: Blog, Facebook, and Instagram

Monday, December 14, 2015

Darling Diva Polish Ho Ho Holiday 2015 Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have a new collection from Darling Diva Polish to share with you. These eight polishes make up her Ho Ho Holiday 2015 Collection and they are pretty and festive, and have names that will make you snicker, which is what I have come to expect (and love) from Darling Diva. 

The Ho Ho Holiday Collection is available now in Darling Diva Polish's shop

Remember to use code SHIPUSA for free shipping on orders over $50 and SHIPINTER for international orders over $75!

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story
Three coats
Red and green micro-glitter in a clear base
This is a reformulated polish that is making it's return for the holiday season. The original is great but this one is even better in my eyes, with it's more opaque coverage and dominant red coloring. Make sure to double up on topcoat, this one will need it if you would like a smooth glass finish.

Darling Diva Polish Forced Family Fun
Two coats
Black linear holographic with red, and green micro-glitter
The darker cousin to A Christmas Story and just as awesome. This actually had a more dense amount of coverage so I just needed two coats. 

Darling Diva Polish Groped Under the Mistletoe
Two coats
Dark cranberry jelly base with holographic micro-glitter and shimmer
Uh yeah, I am sure we have all both good and bad mistletoe encounters. This polish though, is quite good! Nice wine colored color and lots of sparkle with coverage in two coats.

Darling Diva Polish Holiday Ballz In Yo Face
Layered over Cirque Colors McKittrick 
Red, white, green, and silver metallic glitter in various sizes in a clear base with holographic pigment
It would not be a Darling Diva collection without a fun glitter topper! This has holiday shenanigans all over it with it's ornament reminiscent glitter. I did have to fish a bit for those large glitter pieces so I have this shown in two dabbed coats over the base color. 

Darling Diva Polish Moar Wine Nao!!!!
Two coats
Merlot colored scattered holographic 
A beautiful shade of wine purple with seriously great formula, needing barely two coats for application. 

Darling Diva Polish Wrapping Paper Coma
Two coats
Magenta jelly base with various fuchsia glitter
EEK, what a luscious pink number. I would LOVE to have wrapping paper in this color, all your gifts would stand out that way. You will want to wait a few minutes between coats to avoid any jelly "gumminess"

Darling Diva Polish Yes, It's A Fake Tree
Two coats
Mid-tone evergreen linear holographic
The requisite green polish that every holiday collection needs but this is not too dark and not too light and just the right shade of a pine Christmas tree, so YES PERFECT. Formula wise this is nice and easy with two coats. 

Darling Diva Polish You Killed Frosty!!
Layered over Cirque Colors Memento Mori
Multi-colored iridescent and crystal glitter in a clear base
I absolutely did not do this polish justice, I promise you. It's so freaking gorgeous in person, especially when you layer it over the standard black base. I need to re-wear this again very soon, and try it over another color. Good amount of coverage in one coat and you will likely need to apply two coats of topcoat (just don't flood your cuticles like I did, doh). 


Darling Diva Polish: