Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Takko Lacquer Marie Antoinette and Wanderlust

Hey everyone! Here are a couple of Takko Lacquers for ya. These are the older style bottles, Sheryl, the creator behind Takko Lacquer, has changed to a square bottle shape and launched a number of new colors yesterday in her shop. They sold out very quickly, you have to be fast as lightening to grab some when she restocks. 
The good news is that this brand is now going to be available through Llarowe and that launch will be tomorrow. More Takkitos for everyone! Make sure to check Takko Lacquer's Twitter and blog for future updates and here for the details regarding the Llarowe launch. 

Takko Lacquer Marie Antoinette
Two coats
Simple gorgeous. 
The pastel blue is oh so pretty and the pink shimmer is subtle but still evident.

Takko Lacquer Wanderlust
Two coats
More bold and mysterious than Marie Antoinette.
Smoky purple with blue/green shimmer than isn't at all shy. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Digital Nails X 6

Hi guys! Here are a few Digital Nails polishes that I got last month. That's right, you all are about to get hit all sorts of wonderful. If you wanted to pick up a few of your own Digital Nails polishes, there are quite a few available on Etsy. Updates regarding new colors and restocking can be found on Facebook

Digital Nails Anustart
Two coats layered over Essie Chinchilly
Inspired by Mr. Tobis "Oh ,You Blowhard!" Bluth
I love it just for the inspiration but the combo of periwinkle, navy, and brown is so interesting. 

Digital Nails Dig Deep
Three coats
Though the base gray jelly color is sheer, there is so much matte gray and aqua glitter in one bottle, you can get it opaque in a few coats. In hindsight, I should have mattified it, next time!

 Digital Nails Multipass
Two coats layered Jessica Love Story
I love the Fifth Element and am so happy see an polish inspired by Leeloo Dallas!
This is a perfect representation of her, orange, white and vivid blue in a clear base. 

Digital Nails Red Wedding
Two coats layered over Lippmann Brick House
Red and burgundy glitter in a red jelly base. 
Yes, it's inspired by the infamous scene from George RR Martin's A Storm of Swords. 
And yes, it took me a good while to get over that part of the book. 
But this beautiful polish more than makes up for that heartbreak. 

Digital Nails Under Pressure
Three coats
Another gray jelly but this one has black specks and rainbow glitter and shimmer. 
Though this is inspired by geology, my brain immediately goes to this:

Now it's gonna be your ear worm for the day. Your welcome!

Digital Nails Double Rainicorn
Two coats layered over L'Oreal Lilac Coolers
So much going on but it all comes together in a crazy mix of rainbow awesomeness. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oopsie Daisies Spam

More Oopsie Daisies spam? Done and done! These have been sitting on my computer long enough so I thought I would post them before tomorrow's Back to Nature release. Enjoy!

Oopsie Daisies Ladybug
Three coats

Oopsie Daisies Bluebird
Two coats

Oopsie Daisies Bluebird
Two coats and then mattified

 Oopsie Daisies Conch Shell 
Three coats

Oopsie Daisies Conch Shell 
Three coats and then mattified

Oopsie Daisies Electric Lemonade
Two coats layered over Sation AbbacaDazzle

These are available in Oopsie Daisies Etsy shop but if you wait until tomorrow you can pick up any of these along with the new Back to Nature Summer Trio. Updates can be found on Facebook

Oopsie Daisies Back to Nature Summer Trio

Hey everyone! Today I am happy to share with you all a new trio by Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish. The collection is called Back to Nature, a summer collection is perfectly inspired and a fun way to get us through these hot summer months. I had no problems with polish formula, each one applied very easily with one layer of top coat in the first photo and then mattified in the second photo to show off the glitter details. 

Oopsie Daisies Campfire Tales 
Two coats
Orange, red, and yellow in a red jelly base.
I love fiery polishes and this one is so just very HOT. 

Oopsie Daisies Campfire Tales matte

 Oopsie Daisies Cloudless Night 
Three coats
Silver glitter in a black jelly base.
Dark vast dark night sky with a million and one starry sparkles. Now I don't camp very often but I have fond memories of laying out in my parents' driveway with my BFF and just gazing up up the night. This is that exactly and it's wonderful. 

Oopsie Daisies Cloudless Night matte

Oopsie Daisies S'Mores
Two coats
White and brown in a brown creme. 
S'Mores is a reworked version of Fawn from the Flora & Fauna collection, additional glitters & slightly reformulated. 
I think this polish is my favorite of the trio, yes, even more than Campfire Tales. 
It's just so creamy and well, S'Mores like. Now I must hunt down some chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. Because the polish compels me to! 

Oopsie Daisies S'Mores matte

The Back to Nature Summer Trio will be available tomorrow (YAY!), 7/30/13, in Oopsie Daisies Etsy shop. Updates can be found on Facebook

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Spamdom

Happy Friday ya'll! Time for a random assortment of spam. 

Crows Toes Kat Nip

LA Girl Crowd Surfing
Layered over Cult Nails Scandalous

Lippmann Brick House

 Polish Revolution What Alice Found
Layered over Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy

Wicked Polish Gangrene
Layered over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu

Jessica Love Story

Maybelline Banana Pudding

Lush Lacquer Haywire

Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Elevation Polish & Crows Toes Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold Duo

To say that I was excited when I learned that Elevation Polish and Crows Toes were collaborating is an understatement. Two of my favorite indie brands collaborating? SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! And I could not be happier with the results. 

Too F*%#ing Hot is a beautiful wine red with black and red flakies and Too F*%#ing Cold is ice blue glitter bomb waiting to happen. And layered together, well, that's when the magic happens. This was a LE duo that was available in Elevation Polish's shop and has sold out there. It was also available in limited quantities at Llarowe and Overall Beauty and at this time, it does look like there is some in stock left in each store. Grab them before they sell out!

 Too F*%#ing Hot

Too F*%#ing Cold

Too F*%#ing Cold 
Layered over black

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet, Zultanite, and Mystic Glacier

It's Wednesday! Okay, that came off way more exciting then it needed to be. Well, for this fine Wednesday morning, I have a few Ninja Polishes for you all. I have been seeing some teasing posts about a new collection that will be released in the near future on their Facebook page. VERY EXCITING. Hopefully details will be released soon. 

Ninja Polish Color Changing Garnet 
Two coats layered over black
So much love for this multi-color shifting orange/red glitter. 

 Ninja Polish Zultanite
Two coats layered over black
Multi-color shifting glitter. More green than Color Changing Garnet.
If I HAD to pick a favorite between the two, this is it. 

Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier
Two coats
Blue jelly. With Multi-color shift. WHOA. 

Ninja Polish can be purchased within their store and updates can be found on Facebook and blog

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Candy Lacquer Sea Glass and Sugar Skulls

Hi guys! How about a couple of Candy Lacquer polishes for your Tuesday?

Candy Lacquer Sea Glass
Two coats layered over L'Oreal Miss Pixie
Blue and neon green, very fun, especially with the star glitter.

Candy Lacquer Sugar Skulls
Two coats layered over Maybelline Banana Pudding
Major lemming for me for a while and somehow, it fell a bit flat when I wore it. Still, a lovely polish, just not for me. 

Candy Lacquer polishes can be purchased on Big Cartel and updates can be found on Facebook

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cadillacquer Monday

Hey everyone! I have a few Cadillacquer polishes to share today. I was introduced to Cadillacquer by a lovely friend and could not be more impressed by this Swiss indie polish maker. The polish creme formula is wonderful, not too thick or thin. Some of the polishes are complex and some more simple but each unique in their own way. I wore two coats in each photo and I think my favorite of the bunch is The End Begins. Something about that dark and murky Dexter inspired polish calls to me. 

While shipping from Switzerland to the US is a higher cost, Cadillacquer has been added to the Llarowe and Harlow and Co lineup. More polish for everyone! 

Cadillacquer Cute Poison

Cadillacquer Easy As Pie

Cadillacquer I Wish I Was The Moon

Cadillacquer Masterpiece

Cadillacquer Restless

Cadillacquer The End Begins

Cadillacquer polishes can be purchased on Etsy, Llarowe, and Harlow and Co. Updates can be found on her Facebook page

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dior Amazonia and Mango

Hey everyone! I have a couple of Dior polishes for today. I have just a few Dior polishes in my stash but the ones that I do have, I really love. Their polish formula alone is worth the high end price tag. And I can't wait to see Destin and Galaxie from the Fall 2013 Mystic Metallics collection. 

Dior Amazonia
Two coats
Dark olive green creme

Dior Mango
Two coats
Mango orange creme

Dior nail polish can be purchased at Dior, Sephora, Macy's, and Nordstrom