Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Takko Lacquer Marie Antoinette and Wanderlust

Hey everyone! Here are a couple of Takko Lacquers for ya. These are the older style bottles, Sheryl, the creator behind Takko Lacquer, has changed to a square bottle shape and launched a number of new colors yesterday in her shop. They sold out very quickly, you have to be fast as lightening to grab some when she restocks. 
The good news is that this brand is now going to be available through Llarowe and that launch will be tomorrow. More Takkitos for everyone! Make sure to check Takko Lacquer's Twitter and blog for future updates and here for the details regarding the Llarowe launch. 

Takko Lacquer Marie Antoinette
Two coats
Simple gorgeous. 
The pastel blue is oh so pretty and the pink shimmer is subtle but still evident.

Takko Lacquer Wanderlust
Two coats
More bold and mysterious than Marie Antoinette.
Smoky purple with blue/green shimmer than isn't at all shy. 


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