Monday, March 31, 2014

Elevation Polish Saturday Part One

This Saturday, it's all about older and in a few cases discontinued Elevations. If it is available, I am including a direct shop link. 

Elevation Polish Froze to Death
Layered over Sinful Gel Tech Mirror Mirror

Elevation Polish Tindur

Elevation Polish Avalanche!
Layered over American Apparel Night Sky
Currently available here

Elevation Polish Pic De Sotllo
Currently available here

Elevation Polish Ridnitsohkka
Reformulated version II is available here

Elevation Polish El Cap

Elevation Polish El Cap II
Currently available here

Elevation Polish El Cap Comparison

Colors by Llarowe Monday

Hey guys! I had a busy weekend and it basically ate up my Monday as well so this is gonna be a spam post for you all. Enjoy!

Colors by Llarowe Bronco Blue

Colors by Llarowe Orange Crush

Colors by Llarowe Oh Christmas Tree

Colors by Llarowe Oxen 

Colors by Llarowe The Mad in the Red Suit

Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron

Colors by Llarowe Single Ladies

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lynnderella Saturday Part Nine

Lynnderella Be Mining for a Heart of Gold
Layered over Scofflaw This Must Be the Place 

Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake
Layered over Elevation Polish Pic du Gar

Lynnderella Topaz Optimism
Layered over Elevation Polish Cerro Torre

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-Mint
Layered over American Apparel Office

Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party
Layered over American Apparel Coney Island

Lynnderella ChocoLotta Love
Layered over American Apparel Pinto

Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star
Layered over Elevation Polish Sample GST #12

Thursday, March 27, 2014

OPI Spring 2014 Brazil Collection: My Picks

Good afternoon! I have a few OPI polishes from their Spring 2014 Brazil Collection. Overall the collection didn't have any new or innovating nail colors or trends, just bright and fun colors inspired by the tropical Brazil locale. Of course my eyes and wallet went toward the warm and nude cremes disregarding the dusky teal and gray polishes. I was impressed by how well these were formula wise, nothing streaky or chalky. That is always appreciated especially with yellow or nude colors. 

OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Three coats
Pale pink toned nude
Light and delicate and a perfect complimentary nude to my skin tone. It appears a tad more pink in my photo.

OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
Three coats
Canary yellow creme
Sunny and bright yellow and not at all problematic as I mentioned in the intro. Very cool without leaning too green in coloring.

OPI Red Hot Rio
Three coats
Fire engine red jelly
100% perfect red. Of course red is a weakness for me but this is one sexy polish.

OPI Toucan Do It If You Try
Two coats
Coral creme
This is the only one that was miss for me. I just say why exactly. Still a nice color just one that I will likely purge.

OPI Where did Suzi's Man-go
Two coats
Pale orange creme
I would describe this a more of a  cantaloupe color instead of mango despite what the polish is named. And since I have been craving this shade right now, this made me happy. 

This collection by OPI is available wherever OPI is sold.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Urban Lacquer Members Only Collection: My Picks

Hey guys! I have a couple of Urban Lacquer polishes from her most recent collection. These two are a part of the Members Only collection that was released in February for Valentine's Day The polishes were all inspired by...ahem...a man's "business". So playful names are to be expected. 

Urban Lacquer One-Eyed Dragon 
Three coats
Blue to green multi-chrome.
Instant want. It's a very rich color that shifts from green to teal and then to dark blue in other angles. Note that this is not layered over a darker base. I actually wore it over black on my left hand but I prefer it worn by itself. The "glows from within" aspect comes through more with multiple layers. 

Urban Lacquer Schlong
Two coats
Ocean blue linear holographic
Very pretty and I couldn't help myself to adding another blue holographic to my collection. The color is nice and deep though, I haven't done a side by side comparison but I don't think I have another blue holo in this specific shade. 

These are available right now in Urban Lacquer's Etsy shop. Make sure to check out her Facebook page for more information and updates. You can also sign up for her newsletter on her Facebook page for further updates. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Silly Bee's Chickadees Bayou Baby Cakes

Hello all! I have polish from Silly Bee's Chickadees to share with you guys today. Bayou Baby Cakes is inspired by Mardi Gras and all the shenanigans that commence with that holiday. There is even a little "baby" glitter in the polish but I didn't grab that when applying. It is a clear based glitter topper with green, gold, and purple glitter and gold shimmer. All colors reminiscent of Mardi Gras colors but also something you could wear anytime. I especially liked how it looks over a pale polish. As of this moment, this polish is not in stock BUT make sure to follow Silly Bee's Chickadee's Facebook page for restock updates. 

Silly Bee's Chickadees Bayou Baby Cakes
Layered over Cult Nails Charming

Silly Bee's Chickadees Bayou Baby Cakes
Layered over Elevation Polish Tindur

Silly Bee's Chickadees Polishes can be purchased in her Etsy shop here. Updates regarding new colors and restocking can be found on her Facebook page or Instagram

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Friday, March 21, 2014

Elevation Polish Summits Collection Part 1

Happy Friday! Since tomorrow is the 2nd restock of the month for Elevation Polish (remember 9 am as is usual for the 22nd restock every month), I thought I would post Elevation Polish's Summits Collection Part 1. Summits Collection Part 2 will be released in May, there will not be a new collection or traditional restock next month in April, which is a vacation month for Elevation. This collection evokes spring days and sunshine, definitely needed after a deary winter. 

Elevation Polish Aconcagua
Three coats
Tangerine jelly holographic
Seeing this polish in person, you could say I had a ....moment. A moment of....let's call it delight. I have wanted a truly orange holographic polish for forever! Jade Uau does it really well but having a orange holo from one of my favorite makers, it blows me away. And Aconcagua is oh so orange, it's juicy and bright and is like Lulu reached into my brain and made this. So yeah, just get this one. I demand it! 

Elevation Polish Aconcagua in direct sunlight

Elevation Polish Vinson
Two coats
Pale lavender metallic foil holographic.
As a metallic polish you will get see some visible brushstrokes but it does not detract from the look. Especially in full sunlight, it has a majorly strong linear holo effect. 

Elevation Polish Vinson in direct sunlight

Elevation Polish Puncak Jaya
Two coats
Robin's egg blue with teal and blue flake and micro-shimmer
Elevation Polish has released some fantastic blue polishes and this one is a stellar add. It's a clean and bright blue, perfect for spring. 

Elevation Polish The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye
Three coats
Turquoise creme/jelly with red/copper/green color shifting shimmer
Yetttttti! No hearts this time but I will overlook that considering just how amazing this polish is. Very pigmented as well, so make sure to apply a nice base coat before application. The shimmer comes alive in direct sunlight, which I did not have a chance to photograph. This is a limited edition polish released this month, not technically a part of the Summits Collection Part 1. 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over Puncak Jaya
Clear based topper with gold, silver, and copper circle glitter and gold and bronze shimmer.
I practically swooned over this polish. Circles! Metallic colors! Topper! All aspects that I love to see in a polish. And very versatile, as I was testing this layering over a few colors, I kept coming up with multiple amazing combinations. Here are just a few looks: 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over Cult Nails Time Traveler 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye

Elevation Polish Ninja Yeti
Layered over American Apparel Angeline
Clear based topper with assorted black glitter, including heart glitter which is in every Yeti polish, and red micro-shimmer. 
Ninja Yeti was a surprise polish that was included in my package (I ordered a few Elevations not pictured here) from the 7th of the month restock. Per Elevation's blog post, customers who ordered three or more polishes during this month's restock day got this awesome extra! Just another reason I love this brand so much. Ninja Yeti (and the two other surprise Yeti polishes) were meant to be a thank you from the maker and are limited supply. 

This collection is available in Elevation Polish's shop. It looks like they are out of stock at the moment but tomorrow, there will be a restock of this new collection since it's the 22nd of the month, at 9 am instead of 9 pm. Make sure to check out Elevation's blog and Instagram for updates. Llarowe carries select Elevation Polish's as well and those can be found here

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pahlish Timeless Flight Collection Part One

Pahlish post #2 for today! This one showcases Pahlish's Spring 2014 Timeless Flight Collection, a set of six holographic polishes inspired by Elton John. Yup, a whole collection of Pahlish holographics! I personally love it when Pahlish does holo polishes, they are usually with some type of shimmer or micro-flake, setting them apart from the herd. This will make the holo effect slightly less in-your-face but that doesn't make them any less amazing. And now to set us in the mood, here is my personal favorite Elton John song: 

Pahlish Mohair Suit
Three coats
Taupe holographic with red and violet shimmer
Very cool toned and a somewhat unusual holographic color. 

Pahlish The Tune She Hums
Two coats
Coral holographic with violet-blue shimmer
Hot hot hot! A very saturated and vivid coral which is just how I like 'em.

Pahlish Zero Hour; Nine AM 
Two coats
Peacock teal-green holographic with blue, green and gold shimmer
Fudge me, this is so frickin gorgeous. It leans more emerald than teal in my eyes.

To purchase any of the polishes shown today, look to Pahlish's Big Cartel shop, and Facebook page, Blog, or Instagram for updates. Other stockists of Pahlish are Llarowe and Edgy Polish. 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Pahlish Don't Hesitate March Duo

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I have updated and I am sorry for that. I have been dealing with some personal stuff and while it's still ongoing, I didn't want to leave this part of my life blank any longer. I hope you all will bear with me for the next few weeks as I try and get back on track with regular postings. 

So today I have two Pahlish blog posts planned and this first one is focused on Pahlish's March Don't Hesitate Duo. I say this every month I know, but this month was especially true, I love this duo! Such a perfect set of colors to mark the beginning of spring as well as to represent a special time in the lives of the people behind Pahlish. Many congrats to Shannon and Josh on their marriage! 

Pahlish Shadows Grow So Long
Two coats
Pale lavender creme with purple, iridescent gold and charcoal flakes
Subtle and really really lovely.

Pahlish Fireflies Under the Pines
Layered over Shadows Grow So Long
Clear based topper of lavender, violet, gold, and copper glitter
Goodness gracious, Shadows Grow So Long is pretty by itself but when paired with the glitter topper, it is a stunning combination! 

To purchase any of the polishes shown today, look to Pahlish's Big Cartel shop, and Facebook page, Blog, or Instagram for updates. Other stockists of Pahlish are Llarowe and Edgy Polish. 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*