Friday, March 21, 2014

Elevation Polish Summits Collection Part 1

Happy Friday! Since tomorrow is the 2nd restock of the month for Elevation Polish (remember 9 am as is usual for the 22nd restock every month), I thought I would post Elevation Polish's Summits Collection Part 1. Summits Collection Part 2 will be released in May, there will not be a new collection or traditional restock next month in April, which is a vacation month for Elevation. This collection evokes spring days and sunshine, definitely needed after a deary winter. 

Elevation Polish Aconcagua
Three coats
Tangerine jelly holographic
Seeing this polish in person, you could say I had a ....moment. A moment of....let's call it delight. I have wanted a truly orange holographic polish for forever! Jade Uau does it really well but having a orange holo from one of my favorite makers, it blows me away. And Aconcagua is oh so orange, it's juicy and bright and is like Lulu reached into my brain and made this. So yeah, just get this one. I demand it! 

Elevation Polish Aconcagua in direct sunlight

Elevation Polish Vinson
Two coats
Pale lavender metallic foil holographic.
As a metallic polish you will get see some visible brushstrokes but it does not detract from the look. Especially in full sunlight, it has a majorly strong linear holo effect. 

Elevation Polish Vinson in direct sunlight

Elevation Polish Puncak Jaya
Two coats
Robin's egg blue with teal and blue flake and micro-shimmer
Elevation Polish has released some fantastic blue polishes and this one is a stellar add. It's a clean and bright blue, perfect for spring. 

Elevation Polish The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye
Three coats
Turquoise creme/jelly with red/copper/green color shifting shimmer
Yetttttti! No hearts this time but I will overlook that considering just how amazing this polish is. Very pigmented as well, so make sure to apply a nice base coat before application. The shimmer comes alive in direct sunlight, which I did not have a chance to photograph. This is a limited edition polish released this month, not technically a part of the Summits Collection Part 1. 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over Puncak Jaya
Clear based topper with gold, silver, and copper circle glitter and gold and bronze shimmer.
I practically swooned over this polish. Circles! Metallic colors! Topper! All aspects that I love to see in a polish. And very versatile, as I was testing this layering over a few colors, I kept coming up with multiple amazing combinations. Here are just a few looks: 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over Cult Nails Time Traveler 

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro
Layered over The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye

Elevation Polish Ninja Yeti
Layered over American Apparel Angeline
Clear based topper with assorted black glitter, including heart glitter which is in every Yeti polish, and red micro-shimmer. 
Ninja Yeti was a surprise polish that was included in my package (I ordered a few Elevations not pictured here) from the 7th of the month restock. Per Elevation's blog post, customers who ordered three or more polishes during this month's restock day got this awesome extra! Just another reason I love this brand so much. Ninja Yeti (and the two other surprise Yeti polishes) were meant to be a thank you from the maker and are limited supply. 

This collection is available in Elevation Polish's shop. It looks like they are out of stock at the moment but tomorrow, there will be a restock of this new collection since it's the 22nd of the month, at 9 am instead of 9 pm. Make sure to check out Elevation's blog and Instagram for updates. Llarowe carries select Elevation Polish's as well and those can be found here

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. These are gorgeous polishes! I especially love Vinson and Kilimanjaro. Those circles are awesome.

  2. Ohh, Aconcagua really is to die for!!! Love it <3


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