Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pahlish Llarowe Exclusives

Good morning! I have a few Pahlish Llarowe exclusive polishes to show you guys today. There are actually 6 total exclusives but I only purchased these four, you can see Westside Loft and Dark Center in Llarowe's shop. All are currently out of stock at the moment but I am sure they will be restocked soon. 

Pahlish L'or Blanc
Two coats
Off white creme base with copper micro-flakes. 
This is the cooler version of La Dernière Reine that I posted about last week, I think I actually prefer it more. 

Pahlish Love More Tangible
Two coats
Lilac creme base with charcoal micro-flakes
Charcoal flakes! I love 'em! Especially with the bright lilac. 

Pahlish Sea of Tranquility
Two coats
Dark turquoise creme with gold shimmer.
Beautiful color and the shimmer is a nice contrast. 

Pahlish Phantom and a Fly
Two coats
Dark blue holographic with gold metallic micro-flakes.
It has such a rich deep blue color, definitely love at first sight for me!

(direct sunlight)



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cupcake Polish's Sweet Addictions Monthly Subscription Box: October Edition

Hello everyone! I don't usually do a Saturday post (besides the spam kind) but I wanted to share with you all Cupcake Polish's Sweet Addictions Box for October, which will go on sale tomorrow (Sept. 28th) at 11 am CST. As you have seen me post in the past, Sweet Addictions box is a monthly subscription box and is hosted by Cupcake Polish every month with other rotating indie polish brands. The theme for this month is Think Pink, $250 will be donated for breast cancer awareness, no matter how many boxes are sold, and will include items from Smitten Polish, Bear Pawlish, and Cupcake Polish.

There is a small heart shaped metal charm included in each box, made by none other than Cupcake Polish's mom. So cute! 

Smitten Polish In October, We Wear Pink 
Two coats
Warm pink jelly base with pink holo micro-glitter.
Yummy! Tons of sparkle and easy application. The sun was not shining when I took photos of this one, so no direct sunlight shot but those holo micro-glitter are amazing under the sun. 

Bear Pawlish Paws for Ta-Tas
Two coats
Cool bubblegum pink linear holographic polish.
This was my first time trying out a Bear Pawlish polish and I liked it very much! Nice saturated color and medium linear holo flame. 

(direct sunlight)

Cupcake Polish Fight Like a Girl
Two coats
Fuschia linear holo with pink holo micro-glitter. 
My favorite of the three, it's gorgeous indoors and in direct light sparkles like crazy!

(direct sunlight)

The Sweet Addictions Box for October will be available only through Cupcake Polish's shop on September 28th, 11 am CST, for $30 plus shipping and will ship worldwide.

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Friday, September 26, 2014

Digital Nails Friday Part Deux

Hello! How about some Digital Nails polishes to end your work week with? These four are some of her more recent releases, all part of her Scientist Puns series. I love reading Rapahelle's polish descriptions, and this time was no different, each polish is inspired by a special scientist, and she goes into detail in her listings, so check those out. The Digital Nails Etsy shop is in vacation mode at the moment but they should be reopening in October, I recommend clicking the alert to be notified by Etsy when they re-open, and to have your wishlists ready to go!

Digital Nails Faraday-Glo
Two coats
Electric coral creme with blue sparks.
Bold and bright and those blue sparks add an extra oomph to the base color. 

Digital Nails Curie-ouser and Curiouser
Layered over Faraday-Glo
Clear based with white, black, and teal to purple color-shifting glitter, and purple micro-flake shimmer.
While I do love black and white glitter topper polishes, I don't buy all the renditions out there, not each one has unique detailing. This one though, it's got that gorgeous shimmer and flakes and I really like that the glitter is on the smaller size. 

Digital Nails Real-Life Mad Scientist
Three coats
Thermal polish that is ice blue and goes cobalt blue when cold. 
I am selective with thermal finish polishes and this one was too awesome to pass up. I can't wait to try this out in the winter, that cobalt will be prominent during that season for sure. 

Digital Nails Theory of Everything
Layered over American Apparel Hassid
Clear base with a rainbow of glitter.
So. Much. GLITTER. A batch of this will have over 250 different glitter! 
Fun and full of sparkle, just how I like my polish. 


Digital Nails:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pahlish Fall 2014 Royal Reverie Collection

Hey guys! I have Pahlish's newest collection today, this is their Fall 2014 Royal Reverie Collection. It is available right now in their shop, if there is anything sold out, it should be restocked this Friday, along with any new Bespoke Batches that will be revealed later in the week. 

Pahlish An Caisteal Ruadh
Two coats
Oxblood jelly base with gold and silver micro-flakes and copper shimmer
In hindsight, I should have done three coats BUT this is just as nice. Fantastic vampy red!

Pahlish Gilded Greenwich
Two coats
Dark charcoal gray creme with gold shimmer and micro-flakes.
The only one I was hesitant on but of course, my hesitation flew out the door upon seeing it person. The gold in the dark gray gives it a olive coloring. 

Pahlish Hatfield House
Two coats
Blackened ever-green teal jelly with red micro-flakes and shimmer.
Dark and oh so broody. The shimmer prevents it from being one of those so-dark-it's-basically-black colors. 

Pahlish La Dernière Reine
Three coats
Cream colored creme base with copper micro-flakes and neon purple and taupe shimmer.
Wonderful! The shimmer is all sorts of good in that creamy base.

Pahlish La Royale
Three coats
Blue leaning teal jelly with gold shimmer.
The gold stands out so boldly against the teal and is there is just so much of it, it's perfection. I feel like this one could have some staining, I noticed a tint left behind while swatching, so make sure to apply a good base coat or ridge-builder. It's just something that comes along with having such a rich blue/teal base color. 

Pahlish Le Bijou du Roi
Three coats
Cobalt blue jelly with copper micro-flakes.
I could go on and on with multiple enthusiastic compliments with this but really? You already know. 

(insert drool)

Pahlish Reinette 
Two coats
Blackened plum jelly with copper micro-flakes.
These copper flakes! I officially declare myself copper flakes obsessed. 

Pahlish The Virgin Queen
Two coats
Dark burgundy jelly with copper micro-flakes and scattered holo pigment.
*dies silently from too much awesome, yes this is my favorite, can you tell?*

(direct sunlight)



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Indie Polish Halloween 2014 Collection

Hello everyone! For your Tuesday I have another Halloween collection to share, this time from Indie Polish. This was my first time trying out polishes from this brand and I liked each and every polish I received. The colors all fit the season and theme and formula wise, I had no issues or problems. On to photos!

Indie Polish Cabins and Campfires
Three coats
Chocolate brown jelly base with copper, gold, and bronze glitter.
Creamy brown with that awesome metallic contrast. 

Indie Polish I'll Take Your Molasses Candy
Layered over Sinful Gel Tech Mirror Mirror
Clear base with gold, orange, yellow, and chartreuse glitter. 
Most definitely a fall appropriate glitter topper and I love how it looks over that dark vamp base. 

Indie Polish Slasher Film Heroine 
Three coats
Pale nude creme/jelly base with holo orange and pink glitter
I totally laughed when I saw the name for this, it is very fitting. Name aside, I like the contrast again here, this time a light creme with brighter glitter. 

Indie Polish The Pumpkin King
Four coats
Pumpkin orange jelly
YUM! I adore the orange polishes that this season brings and I will add gladly add this to my collection. This is also somewhat sheer , which is the norm with jelly polishes. Again, you can layer it but it builds very easily, no dragging or thickness, so I would recommend doing that instead of layering. 

Indie Polish Who Spiked the Punch?
Three coats
Pale dusky grape holographic 
Easy application and color and very nice linear holo flame, an all around fantastic polish!


Indie Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*