Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pahlish Llarowe Exclusives

Good morning! I have a few Pahlish Llarowe exclusive polishes to show you guys today. There are actually 6 total exclusives but I only purchased these four, you can see Westside Loft and Dark Center in Llarowe's shop. All are currently out of stock at the moment but I am sure they will be restocked soon. 

Pahlish L'or Blanc
Two coats
Off white creme base with copper micro-flakes. 
This is the cooler version of La Dernière Reine that I posted about last week, I think I actually prefer it more. 

Pahlish Love More Tangible
Two coats
Lilac creme base with charcoal micro-flakes
Charcoal flakes! I love 'em! Especially with the bright lilac. 

Pahlish Sea of Tranquility
Two coats
Dark turquoise creme with gold shimmer.
Beautiful color and the shimmer is a nice contrast. 

Pahlish Phantom and a Fly
Two coats
Dark blue holographic with gold metallic micro-flakes.
It has such a rich deep blue color, definitely love at first sight for me!

(direct sunlight)




  1. Gorgeous colors! Sea of Tranquility and Phantom and a Fly are my favorites.

    1. Thank you Melissa! I think those are my favorites too.

  2. Shannon makes such stunning polishes; your mani's are beautiful, too!


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