Friday, October 26, 2012

The Hungry Asian Jinx

Jinx is another recent release from The Hungry Asian's line. It's not something I've seen before but it fits in nicely within a fall themed collection. It has a black jelly base and assorted fall foliage colored glitter of orange, red, yellow, copper, and gold. I used three coats but that's not unusual with a jelly base.

Jinx is out of stock at the moment in The Hungry Asian's Etsy shop but check her Facebook page for updates. 


  1. i love it ! totally ! i hope it gets available soon !

    1. TY! Kae (The Hungry Asian) is really good about restocking, so hopefully soon.

  2. This looks gorgeous! Perfect mix of glitters. Pretty nails too :-) I just became one of your followers.


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