Friday, May 30, 2014

Spam Friday!

Friday Spam for y'all!

China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin
Two coats

China Glaze Spring in My Step
Two coats

Essie Boxer Shorts
Two coats

Georgio Armani 302
Two coats

Magnetic Freakin' Violet
Two coats

Sation Love at First Lavender
Two coats

Sation Strawberry Jammin'
Two coats

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cupcake Polish Best Summer Ever Collection

Hello! I get to show you guys Cupcake Polish's Best Summer Ever Collection, a set of five neon holographic polishes. Hot summer brights that are also holographic? Yeah, pretty much had me at "summer". These polishes apply so well, I used two coats for each one to get full coverage. They do dry to a matte finish, which is usual with neon polishes but my regular top coat made them shine and did not dull the holo effect. I usually have a favorite that I am drawn toward but this time I can't say I do, they are all gorgeous!

The Best Summer Ever Collection will be released on Sunday, June 1st in Cupcake Polish's shop

Cupcake Polish It's Not What You Pink
Two Coats
Mid-tone pink neon linear holographic

Cupcake Polish It's Our Slime Now
Two Coats
Lime green neon linear holographic

Cupcake Polish Itsy Bitsy Teeny Bikini
Two Coats
Yellow/green neon linear holographic

Cupcake Polish Life's a Beach
Two Coats
Cobalt blue neon linear holographic
The only polish that had an issue. The bottle I received has a few bits of undissolved pigment. Sara from Cupcake Polish has resolved this issue for future orders and if you have a bottle from the bad batch, then contact her and she will take care of it. 

Cupcake Polish She Wears Short Shorts 
Two Coats
Violet neon linear holographic

Cupcake Polish can be purchased in her shop here as well as Norway Nails. Updates can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Misa Cosmetics Wednesday

Humpday y'all! I have a few Misa polishes I purchased a while back to share today. Transitioning into summer, the bulk of these may be too vampy for some but I like seeing these colors year around. There is a something about a jeweled toned vampy polish that works anytime, but especially when wearing nubs. I purchased my Misa polishes from Transdesign but they can also be purchased from Misa directly as well as by searching eBay and Amazon.

Misa Bourbon on the Rocks
Two coats
Part of the Winter 2012 High Society Collection
Blackened copper metallic shimmer
Dark and with just enough of a orange tone to make me lust after it.

Misa Eye Candy
Two coats
Part of the Fall 2013 Blink of an Eye Collection 
Fire engine red shimmer
INTENSE. Absolutely adore this one. Not that I needed another red....but yeah I kinda do, especially when it looks like this.

Misa High Brow
Two coats
Part of the Fall 2013 Blink of an Eye Collection 
Blackened dark burgundy shimmer.
I would call this the perfect black cherry polish. It's got this shimmer that almost looks like it's a color shifting factor going on. Both High Brow and Eye Candy dry to a matte finish but topcoat adds shine and brings out the shimmer.

Misa Let's Go Green
Two coats
Neon lime green with gold shimmer
I don't know what collection this is a part of, I was just browsing Misa's website and it grabbed my attention. I know, completely different then the other three but come on, do you blame me? It's bright as can be and the shimmer gives it that extra oomph. (ignore the smudge pinkie please!)

Comparison between Misa Let's Go Green and China Glaze Limonyte
After I received Let's Go Green, I thought that it looked very similar to Limonyte and had to compare the two, considering how rare Limonyte is. They are not dead on dupes but pretty darn close. Limonyte's golden shimmer is more prevalent and Let's Go Green is just a tad brighter. If you were on the hunt for Limonyte and can't track it down, consider Let's Go Green as a close enough alternative.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Essie Neon 2014 Too Taboo Collection: My Picks

Hey everyone! Since Monday was Memorial Day here in the US, I got to enjoy an extended three day weekend though it rained for most of it. Oh wells, I ended up getting some stuff around my apartment as well as seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past (so good!) and re-watching Tommy Boy (this scene makes me laugh every time). 

Today I have one of Essie's Summer 2014 collections, the Too Taboo Neon Collection. I don't know if I would call these true neon polishes, they are bright but not blindingly I-need-protective-eye-wear neon bright. Still, they are nice, crisp colors from Essie. I did not wear these over white, which I know is the opposite of how they are recommended to be worn. I prefer the juicy look of jellies and when layering over white, that squishy look is lost. Application was okay, not great but not very difficult either as I had heard from others. I did not buy the whole collection, the two missing from this set are Chills & Thrills and Too Taboo. I purchased my bottles from a local supplier but these are available wherever Essie is sold. 

Essie I'm Addicted
Three coats

Essie Serial Shopper
Three coats

Essie Sittin' Pretty
Three coats

Essie Vices Versa
Three coats

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spam Friday: Ethereal Lacquer Edition

Friday Spam, this time with Ethereal Lacquer. Ethereal Lacquer can be purchased her shop, Color4Nails and Mei Mei's Signatures, updates found on Instagram.

Ethereal Lacquer Spotted Snow 
Layered over Color Club Harp On It

Ethereal Lacquer Whimsy
Three coats

Ethereal Lacquer Forged 
Three coats

Ethereal Lacquer Transmute
Three coats

Ethereal Lacquer Maleficent
Three coats

Ethereal Lacquer Obsidian 2013
Layered over American Apparel Hassid

Ethereal Lacquer Presence
Three coats

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pahlish May 2014 Castle by the Sea Duo

Hellllo there! I have more Pahlish for you guys today. This set is the Castle by the Sea, Pahlish's May 2014 Duo. Another beautiful duo to add to my collection of fantastic Pahlish monthly duos. As I mentioned in my Wood Between the Worlds Collection post, formula is applied really well. This duo is only going to be available for the month of May, so get it while you can!

Pahlish Lone Islands
Two coats
Dusky robin's egg blue creme with blue micro-flakes.
Yeah, pretty much had me at robin's egg blue. The signature Pahlish flakes make it extra better. 
It's very hard to get a color accurate photo of though, in person it looks just a bit more green than pure blue. Neither my phone camera and regular camera were able to pick up that up which annoyed me to no end.

Pahlish Dawn Treader 
Layered over Pahlish Lone Islands
Clear based topper of turquoise, ocean blue, and teal glitter with navy micro-shimmer.
This glitter topper accents Lone Islands like they were made for each other! Oh wait....they were. 
Still, each of the polishes are pretty but together, Dawn Treader and Lone Islands are just wonderful. 

To purchase any of the polishes shown today, look to Pahlish's Big Cartel shop, and Facebook page, Blog, or Instagram for updates. Other stockists of Pahlish are Llarowe and Edgy Polish. 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine, Unplugged and Just Lucky

Hey guys! I have two Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes to share with you today. This was my first time wearing polishes from this brand and I really liked the two that I purchased. I am not sure if these are available in her shop but you can see what she has in store here

Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine, Unplugged
Layered over Chaos & Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja
Clear based glitter topper of yellow, black, and pink with pink hearts. 
Another pink that I like, oh man am I becoming a pink lover? It's the yellow and black to compliment the pink that make this a stand out. 

Liquid Sky Lacquer Just Lucky 
Three coats
Gold to red thermal reactive, gold with warmth and then turns red in cooler temps.
I love this! I don't own too many thermal polishes, but this is one I am happy to have. The change is quite dramatic and gold/red is always a beautiful color combination. 

Liquid Sky Products can be purchased in her web shop as well as through Color4Nails, Rainbow Connection, Mei Mei's Signatures, Norway Nails, Atouts Charme, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Check out her Facebook page and Instagram for updates. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hare Polish Spring/Summer 2014 VIVA LOS ANGELES collection

Hello again! I have Hare Polish's VIVA LOS ANGELES collection for you guys today. This collection was inspired by Los Angeles (of course) and the impact this city has made in Nikole's life. I loved seeing the city through her eyes and it has made me want to plan a trip to sunny Cali soon to soak in L.A. for myself. The unusual and unexpected color combinations that are so well known for this brand are really evident in this collection and I would not have it any other way. 

Hare Polish Abbot Kinney
Three coats
Gray jelly with orange, neon pink, neon green, and gold glitter
I've mentioned in the past that I can be picky about gray polish, but I have come to realize, I love gray and orange. Something about the contrast does it for me. So yeah, this is working on a whole lot of levels. 

Hare Polish Down on the West Coast 
Three coats
Rose pink jelly with navy and gold flakes and gold shimmer. 
Another pink that Hare made me like. Dammit. 

Hare Polish Elysian Fields 
Three coats
Teal/green jelly with neon green and yellow glitter, iridescent blue flakes, and gold flake & shimmer.
The only one that I was on hesitant of initially. But in person, wow, it's rich and so awesome.

Hare Polish From the Balcony of the Chateau Marmont
Three coats
Light denim blue jelly with hot pink, neon pink, black, white, and gold.
The tiny glitter! I love them! And in that blue base, it looks sooo fine. 

Hare Polish Gallery Row
Three coats
Dark blue jelly with neon green, hot pink, orange glitter, red & gold flakes and gold shimmer. 
Uniquely Hare Polish and absolutely stunning. 

Hare Polish Hidden Treasures in a Bowl of Roses 
Two coats
Dusty periwinkle jelly with neon pink, neon green, black, white, and gold glitter and gold shimmer.
Last but not definitely least, my favorite of the collection. And it's still available in her Etsy shop!

Updates regarding Hare Polish can be found on her BlogFacebook page, and Instagram
To purchase Hare Polish, refer to her Etsy shop as well as LlaroweRainbow Connection, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*