Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dani's Manis 30 Day Nail Challenge Round Up

Hello hello! So way back on April 1st, I posted about a 30 Day Nail Challenge that my friend Dani had come up with and that I was going to do it. And I totally finished it! 

For the month of April, I did each and every single challenge and it was such a great experience. Prior to doing this challenge, I didn't think of myself as someone who could do nail art beyond layering or simple techniques. But doing this challenge really made me get creative and explore new facets of nail art. I am still mostly a swatcher when it comes to this nail blog but I am definitely going to be incorporating more nail art in the future in posts, so I hope you guys enjoy that new feature. The four below ended up being my favorite ones: 

If you are wondering where I have photos of this challenge, I actually posted everything day by day on my Instagram account. If you don't follow me on Instagram, I hope that you will, for the most part, I post photos that are my current nail-of-the-day and sometimes they don't even make it to my blog. I have also posted photos on a Pinterest board just for this challenge, so if you like to pin Pins or just see them, check them out. 

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