Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Misa Cosmetics Wednesday

Humpday y'all! I have a few Misa polishes I purchased a while back to share today. Transitioning into summer, the bulk of these may be too vampy for some but I like seeing these colors year around. There is a something about a jeweled toned vampy polish that works anytime, but especially when wearing nubs. I purchased my Misa polishes from Transdesign but they can also be purchased from Misa directly as well as by searching eBay and Amazon.

Misa Bourbon on the Rocks
Two coats
Part of the Winter 2012 High Society Collection
Blackened copper metallic shimmer
Dark and with just enough of a orange tone to make me lust after it.

Misa Eye Candy
Two coats
Part of the Fall 2013 Blink of an Eye Collection 
Fire engine red shimmer
INTENSE. Absolutely adore this one. Not that I needed another red....but yeah I kinda do, especially when it looks like this.

Misa High Brow
Two coats
Part of the Fall 2013 Blink of an Eye Collection 
Blackened dark burgundy shimmer.
I would call this the perfect black cherry polish. It's got this shimmer that almost looks like it's a color shifting factor going on. Both High Brow and Eye Candy dry to a matte finish but topcoat adds shine and brings out the shimmer.

Misa Let's Go Green
Two coats
Neon lime green with gold shimmer
I don't know what collection this is a part of, I was just browsing Misa's website and it grabbed my attention. I know, completely different then the other three but come on, do you blame me? It's bright as can be and the shimmer gives it that extra oomph. (ignore the smudge pinkie please!)

Comparison between Misa Let's Go Green and China Glaze Limonyte
After I received Let's Go Green, I thought that it looked very similar to Limonyte and had to compare the two, considering how rare Limonyte is. They are not dead on dupes but pretty darn close. Limonyte's golden shimmer is more prevalent and Let's Go Green is just a tad brighter. If you were on the hunt for Limonyte and can't track it down, consider Let's Go Green as a close enough alternative.

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