Monday, November 4, 2013

Ludurana Emocionante and Fascinante

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I ended up moving into a new place over the weekend,  I think my arms are still sore. Moving my stash was a little stressful but no casualties! Today I have a couple of Ludurana multi-chromes. Emocionante and Fascinante are a part of Ludurana's Aurora Boreal line. They have been out for a few years now, making them pretty easy to hunt down. As with similar multi-chrome polishes, the formula for these is somewhat sheer. You could apply multiple coats to get full coverage but if they are worn over a dark color (black is perfect) then you will need to apply less layers and get a more dramatic color shift. 

Ludurana Emocionante
Two coats layered over black
Color shifts from blue to purple to fuchsia to copper. 
Stunning. The shift in this one is crazy strong, especially if layered. 

Ludurana Fascinante
Two coats layered over black
Color shifts from red to orange to gold.
Completely different compared to Emocionante but no less amazing. 

Ludurana Emocionante and Fascinante, along with the other Ludurana Aurora Boreal polishes can be purchases though Llarowe, Ninja Polish, and Color4Nails.


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