Thursday, November 14, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Fall 2013: Diamond Collection

Hey guys! How about some more ah-mazing Darling Diva Polishes? These seven are part of her Fall Collection, more specifically the Diamond Collection. These will be released very soon, along with the Opal Collection, which I posted about on Tuesday, so make sure to check out Darling Diva's Facebook page for restock information. 

The Diamond Collection consist of seven holographic polishes, and each are more lovely then the previous one. Formula wise, these are fantastic, you will get full coverage with one coat, I applied two within each photo though, more because that is my habit. No special base coat is needed and my regular topcoat was applied, which does not dull the holo effect at all. Oh, and the price for these are set at $8 a bottle, which is awesome, holographic polishes that are released lately are usually priced at $10 and higher. Now for some swatches... 

Darling Diva Polish Chocolate Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Blue Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Black Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Green Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Pink Diamond

Darling Diva Polish Rose Diamond

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased in her Etsy and Big Cartel shops as well as through Llarowe and Edgy Polish. Updates can be found on her Facebook page

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. How is the holo on these? The colors are downright GORGEOUS! I love how rich and pigmented they are. And the finish is very pretty too. It looks soft and suede, opposed to your normal high gloss holo. But in all the swatches I've seen online, I don't see a very strong linear effect. Are the pics just not translating, or did she do a softer holo to compliment the velvety finish?

    1. The holo is strong but since the base is so pigmented, the holo flame isn't quite as prevalent as say, Jade holos, that have a jelly-like base. These are more similar to the older Color Club holo polishes, like Revvvolution but less scattered holo, more linear. I hope that helps!


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