Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer & Contrary Polish Destination Duo: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey y'all! For today I have two new polishes from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer & Contrary Polish that make up this month's Destination Duo. 

If you have seen previous Blue-Eyed Girl Destination collaborations, the polishes are created with a destination photo in mind. For this duo, the makers used this photo that Carrie (of Contrary Polish) took at the Sundance Film Festival:

  The Duo will be released as a pre-order in both Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's & Contrary Polish's shops from today, January 31st through Tuesday February 7th. 

The duo will cost $20 shipped domestically or $20 with a prorated shipping fee internationally.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Special Selection
Three coats
Black cherry jelly with gold micro-flakes, gold holo micro-glitter, copper/gold/fuchsia and green/pink/gold ultra-chrome flakes
The pop of red from the photo translates to this vibrant and rich polish. I love how full of detail this is, with lots of flakes and gold. You will find that although you may get enough opacity in two coats, a light third coat deepens the color. A double layer of topcoat is recommended, I didn't realize that with the amount of flakes, the topcoat would settle a bit into the polish. 

Contrary Polish Meet Me Under the Marquee
Three coats
Taupe jelly base with holo micro-flakes and various ultra-chrome flakes
The stately theater facade and it's columns are the inspiration point for this polish. I like that it's a cool contrast compared to the previous warm red. The taupe base is just sheer enough in color to allow the flakes to peep through. Application is nice and easy though you will probably need to apply three thinly applied coats for coverage. 


Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

Contrary Polish

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Fair Maiden Polish The Goddesses Trio: Part Two plus Space Riot & Zero Gravity: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Purchased by Me
Hey y'all! I have polishes from Fair Maiden Polish to end the week with. The Goddesses Trio: Part Two is a set of polishes created for Valentine's Day and named for goddesses of Greek Mythology. Part One was released last year, you can see those on Kellie Gonzo's blog. I am also including Space Riot and Zero Gravity, two recently limited release polishes. I bought those two when they first came out and wanted to include them here, as there will be a small restock with the The Goddesses Trio.

The Goddesses Trio: Part Two, as well as Space Riot and Zero Gravity, will be released February 3rd at 7 pm CST in Fair Maiden Polish's shop.

Fair Maiden Polish Asteria
Two coats
Asteria is Goddess of the Stars
Blue to purple to teal green to pink multi-chrome with holographic micro-glitter
The dark night sky scattered with stars is exactly what I think of with that inspiration, so I love how fitting the name is with the final product. There is definitely a teal green shift, my camera doesn't pick that up, something I need to work on but I know Polished Pathology has some beautiful photos of Asteria that do show the green, look for her review on her blog soon. Application wise, two coats worked best for opacity. You may find a little texture from the glitter once it dries down, a double layer of topcoat helps with that.

Fair Maiden Polish Hemera
Three coats
Hemera is Goddess of Daylight
Pearl white crelly with pink shimmer and rose/gold/copper ultra-chrome flakes
I didn't expect to like this one as much I did but good gosh, it is stunning. The pink flash is a bit more prominent in person and the flakes are a nice contrast of color in the base. It's somewhat sheerish in formula, three thin coats for coverage, with very subtle nail line visible still but not in a distracting or off-putting way. 

Fair Maiden Polish Tyche
Two coats
Tyche is Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity
Berry purple with gold shift and linear holo
An absolutely gorgeous color and that blue holo flame is killer. The formula was easy easy to apply, so easy in fact that I did not need to do any clean up. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Fair Maiden Polish Space Riot
Two coats
Yellow gold to orange to berry multi-chrome linear holo with magenta/orange/yellow ultra-chrome flakes
 Oh yes, a million times YES. So much magic happening here. Formula is not too thick or thin and applies without issue.

(Under LED Lighting)

Fair Maiden Polish Zero Gravity
Two coats
Dusky gray-blue holographic with copper/orange/violet/plum shift and scattered holo sparkle
For me, this is all about that beautiful shimmer in the blue/gray base. Well and the holo sparks don't hurt. Slightly thicker in formula compared to Space Riot and opaque in two coats.

(Under LED Lighting)


Fair Maiden Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vapid Lacquer January 2017 Release + Hard Candy Box Set: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Helllo! I have a lot of new pretty and nice smelling things from Vapid Lacquer to share today. All the products shown will be available this Saturday, January 28th at 1 pm CST in Vapid Lacquer's shop.

Vapid Lacquer Cunning
Two coats
Light mink brown creme
A lighter toned brown that leans on the warm side but not too much so. Goes on nice and smooth in two opaque coats.

Vapid Lacquer Frosted Kisses 
Two coats
Pale strawberry pink creme
A sweet and soft pink that made me think of strawberry milk. Formula is a breeze, slightly on the thicker side and two coats for coverage. 

Vapid Lacquer Naivete 
Two coats
Pink toned nude creme
A seriously beautiful and understated neutral with pink undertones. I love a good light neutral to wear as a palette cleanser and this does that for me. I applied with heavier hand and got opacity in two coats, if you apply thinner coats, you may find that you need a third. 

Vapid Lacquer Swayed
Two coats
Pale mushroom taupe creme
This is the fourth neutral creme of the set and for those who like their gray/browns on the cool side, this one's for you. Formula was comparable to the other cremes, aka easy peasy to apply. 

Vapid Lacquer Petty
Two coats
Bright lime green creme with gold/green shifting shimmer
A POP of bright, fresh green with that tasty shimmer. It practicially shouts, "Are you ready for SPRING?!" Very nice opaque formula, almost a one-coater on me, but I applied a habitual second coat anyway. 

Vapid Lacquer Insipid 
Two coats
Berry purple jelly base with black, purple, and cherry red holo micro-glitter
Hello, you gorgeous polish you. Full of sparkle from the holo micro-glitter which are suspended in that juicy berry base. The glitter itself is not sparse but in a clear base you would need to build up, which is why I think it's perfect in the base that it is in, leaving you will coverage in two coats. Make sure to apply a healthy layer or two of topcoat, to leave you with the glassy, shiny finish. 

Vapid Lacquer Come Hither
Two coats
Fiery red creme with copper/red subtle shimmer
Part of the Hard Candy Set but available individually as well. 
YESSS. Red, of course, is my weakness and when it's done right, I basically fall over myself to wear it. This is most certainly done way right. Application was easy (no real surprise there) and again, two coats for coverage.

Vapid Lacquer Hard Candy 
Two coats
Bright magenta  with holographic silver micro-flakes
Part of the Hard Candy Set but available individually as well. 
A delicious punchy pink plus those silver holo flakes to contrast. You can see how the name Hard Candy fits here. No issues whatsoever with application, it glides on the nail in two coats. 

Hard Candy Box Set! 
Included is: Body Bar 0.75 oz twist tube, Body Cream 4 oz bottle, Sweetness Lip Balm, Whipped Sugar Scrub, Nail Sauce 0.6 oz tub, and a free gift of a wax melt. If you purchase this entire set, along with the Hard Candy and Come Hither polishes, the total will be $45, which is great price for all that you will receive. 

The Hard Candy scent is a sweet, sour and fruity one. Think of....Starburst or Pixie Sticks or Jolly Ranchers (a hard candy fav of my own), and that's what you've got. The scent will be available in all items outside of the set in limited quantities and may return in the future. The wax melts are a new product, hand made and poured. Just a little is needed goes a long way. 

Vapid Lacquer Onward Through the Fog
Layered over Vapid Lacquer Petty
Matte topcoat
This is a re-formulated release, meant to matte the shine but not dull the color. 
It dries down quickly and gives you a nice matte finish. I think it would appear even more matte if you waited a bit longer, my photos were taken about 15 minutes after applying. 

Vapid Lacquer Stardust
Layered over Cirque Colors Memento Mori
Linear holographic topcoat
Nothing fancy but an nicely done holo topcoat, which is something every polish fan should have their collection, in my opinion anyway. I do prefer a higher density holo as a topper myself but I know the higher density you go, the more it can gray out the base color. This is right there in the medium range, and shown as one coat over the black base. 

(Under LED Lighting)


Vapid Lacquer

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*