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Alchemy Lacquers Alchemy in the Abstract Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello everyone! I have some new polishes from Alchemy Lacquers today. This is a large collection, 10 polishes totaling and every. single. one. is beautiful and unique in their own way. The Alchemy in Abstract Collection will be released tomorrow October 10th in Alchemy Lacquers' shop. There are two limited edition polishes releasing too, Enzyme and Reactant, those will be available for 24 hours starting at 12 pm EST. 

Alchemy Lacquers Enchantment
Three coats
Medium orchid pink with blue flash shimmer and holographic pigment
The blue shimmer adds a flash of magic in the pink base and the holo pigment just pumps up the sparkle a bit. Easy formula but not quite opaque in two coats, I applied three here. 

Alchemy Lacquers Ennui
Two coats
Slate blue creme with violet/blue fleck shimmer and holographic pigment
A darker, moody blue withe flecks that shift in color. The holo gives you a bit of golden shimmer effect. Slightly thicker in formula but opaque in coverage in two coats. 

Alchemy Lacquers Euphoria
Two coats
Royal purple with color shifting copper shimmer and holographic pigment
Ooomph. This color though....stunning am I right? Definitely one of my favorites of the set. Perfect application, two coats and you're done. 

Alchemy Lacquers Guanxi
Two coats
Ivy green with ultra-chrome flakes and holographic pigment
On the warmer end of the spectrum, we have this earthy green beauty with lots of golden flash. Thick formula so application is best with two thinly applied coats. 

Alchemy Lacquers Lassitude
Two coats
Cobalt blue with silver shimmer
What a blue! It practically glows on the nail. Very opaque, needing barely two coats. 

Alchemy Lacquers Saudade
Two coats
Teal blue creme
A creme that knocks it out of the park. A saturated color and it has a crelly consistency so you get some of that squishy shine.

Alchemy Lacquers Serendipity
Two coats
Cyan blue with blue/green shimmer and holographic sparks
Serendipitous indeed! Another bold blue to add to the set and this is a lighter, brighter shimmer. 

Alchemy Lacquers Wanderlust
Two coats
Dark grape purple jelly with silvered shimmer
This makes me think of frosted grapes on the vine. Icy and dark at the same time. Beautiful. Application was without issue, two coats for coverage. 

Alchemy Lacquers Whimsy
Three coats
Pale pink with golden shimmer and holographic pigment
Whimsy is exactly the right name because that's what I think when I see this. It's such a delicate pink with that the added gold shimmer. Thicker formula and streaky with the first two coats but a third will level out and give you full opacity. 

Alchemy Lacquers Wonderment
Two coats
Light gray jelly base with various blue/teal ultra-chrome flakes and holographic pigment
The light base and the dark blue flakes is simply outstanding. You see more of the holo pigment in play here so it has a higher density flame compared to some of the others. I did two coats and probably should have done more but it will depend on much coverage you want. 

Limited Editions:

Alchemy Lacquers Enzyme
Three coats
Periwinkle blue with green/blue iridescent shifting flakes and holographic pigment
Ethereal and oh so pretty. It has a metallic look that I love and the flakes peak through the base, flashing blue and green. No problem with application, but like the first polish, you will need three coats to build opacity. 

Alchemy Lacquers Reactant
Three coats
Blackened blue base with red/violet ultra0chrome flakes and holographic pigment.
This is one that I was excited to see in the bottle but once on the nail, it feels somewhat lost in translation. I like the color contrast of the those flakes against the black/blue quite a bit though. Three thin coats for coverage. 


Alchemy Lacquers:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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