Friday, October 14, 2016

Paint Box Polish The 12 Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi all! I have some new pretty polishes from Paint Box Polish today. This five piece set is her Fall 2016 The 12 Collection, inspired by the twelfth Doctor from Doctor Who. Those of you who are fans of Doctor Who will appreciate the inspiration notes included in italic from maker Pam but for those non-Whovians, I am certain you will find a polish or two or three that will make you say, YES PLEASE. 

The 12 Collection will be available starting tomorrow October 15th in Paint Box Polish's shop.

For two weeks post release, the polishes will be offered as discounted sets. The full size set will be $46.80 and the luxe mini set will be $27.90. AND you can use the code IDANAILSIT for 15% off your order! YAY for discounts!

 Also, Paint Box Polish offers cuticle oils, balms, mani fizzes, and big 5 free topcoat called Like Lightning plus a new sticky base coat called Tacky, But Not that will retail for $6 a bottle.

Paint Box Polish Axe Fight
Two coats
Black jelly base with irregular holographic particles and red shimmer.
Inspired by the scene where The Doctor enters a fighting arena on a tank rocking the guitar. He looks at his Medieval opponent (who is wielding a giant battle axe) and says, "Well, you said you wanted an axe fight." 
Who doesn't love a good starry night sky type of polish? I know that I do and this one is beautiful with it's dark base and holo sparks and subtle shimmer. Easy application, two coats for coverage.

(Under LED Lighting)

Paint Box Polish Hey Missy!
Three coats
Plum purple matte creme
Inspired by: The Master, who has now taken the form of the fantastically Victorian and delightfully crazy Missy. She always wears a beautiful plum outfit, so this polish is a matte plum color. 
Well if I am going to fall in love with another purple, this should be the one. It has a smooth matte finish that is just ugh perfection. It is opaque in two coats but I applied three instead, as I had some visible nail ridges with just two coats. 

(With Topcoat)

Paint Box Polish The Impossible Girl
Two coats
Red to gold to green multi-chrome shimmer with holographic pigment
Inspired by: Clara is The Doctor's companion, and here at Paint Box Polish, we think she really likes to steal the show. So, if anyone deserves a glittery, multichrome polish that demands attention, it's her. She often wears outfits in the red/gold/green spectrum, and her polish follows. 
Good god y'all. This polish is spectaular. That was the word that came to my mind when I put it on. A crazy strong color shift and highly gasp worthy. Very opaque, you barely need two coats for opacity. 

Paint Box Polish The Ultimate Warrior 
Three coats
Burgundy red jelly base with red/gold glass fleck shimmer. 
Inspired by: Hell Bent is one of PBP's favorite episodes in the whole of Doctor Who. The Doctor is absolutely the start of this episode and he is dramatic and chilling and awesome! He is solving a mystery in a super cool burgundy velvet coat, and this polish is the same color! 
A deep and rich red to add to the set, which is always going to be considered a good thing in my opinion. I like that there is a little hint of brown in the red coloring, adding to the complexity of the color. The color applies well, though I needed three coats for coverage.

Paint Box Polish Who Are You? 
Three coats
Blue to purple to teal multi-chrome with gold and silver shimmer
Inspired by: River Song. Another attention-loving, look at me character. But we love her. LOVE her. This polish was inspired by the scene in this past year's Christmas special when The Doctor is trying to get River to realize who he is. The lighting is beautiful and is predominately blue and purple with some green thrown in there. So is this polish. 
Another gorgeous multi-chrome and just as the first one, simply stunning. This is slightly thinner in consistency and opacity, done that way to let the shimmer be visible. 

Paint Box Polish:

Don't forget to use the code IDANAILSIT for 15% off your order!

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Wonderful swatches of this collection.

  2. Thanks so much for your review, Ida! Fantastic photos. I'm glad you liked them!


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