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Great Lakes Lacquer November 2016 LE's & Polish ReVamped Group Customs: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! For today I have a few new polishes from Great Lakes Lacquer. The first two will be monthly limited editions for the month of November, available starting November 1st until December 2nd Great Lakes Lacquer's shop. As with previous Great Lakes Lacquers, I am including Mariah's maker notes in italics, to give you a bit of behind the scenes details.

The final two polishes are also limited edition polishes but will only be available for members of the Polish ReVamped group from November 1st until November 30th. If you purchase those and are not a member of the group, your order will be refunded, so, head on over to the group if you are not already a member, purchase info will be posted on the first day of sale, again that is November 1st!

November Monthly Limited Editions:

Great Lakes Lacquer Hope Full 
Two coats
Burnt caramel orange with shifting red to gold shimmer and scattered holo finish
Inspiration notes:
Despite the cynicism of the season, I try to remain full of hope that we can make the world a better place together.
The plethora of orange continues into November and I could not be happier about that. This darker, burnt orange with the holo bits is perfect for the Thanksgiving table. It is slightly thicker in formula but easy peasy application in two coats. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Great Lakes Lacquer Thank Full 
Two coats
Plum brown linear holographic with red to gold multi-chrome flakes
Inspiration notes
I am full of thanks for the year behind me and I appreciate all of you so much!
Oomph. Hot damn this is stunning, both in and out of direct lighting. The flakes gives you some extra detailing and the holo flame is nice and bold under the right light. Superb application experience, no issues to report whatsoever. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Polish ReVamped Facebook Group Customs:

Great Lakes Lacquer Vamped Out
Two coats
Blackened emerald green with golden sheen and scattered holo pigment
Inspiration notes:  What better to go with a little wine?  
It's a true emerald green and then you add the golden flash and holo and le sigh, so so pretty but vampy at the same time. Easy application, slightly gummy formula because of its jelly consistency but applies without issue in two coats.

(Under LED Lighting)

Great Lakes Lacquer Wined Up 
Two coats
Mulberry wine with red to gold and bronze shimmer
Inspiration notes: 
Celebrate the Holidays!  I hope you have some coping mechanism to deal with 'those' relatives!  Mine will be wine.
Wined up is definitely how the play the holidays and as you hold your glass up to take a sip, you should definitely be wearing this beautiful shade! The color shift is somewhat subtle and lovely to see in person. I had a note from the maker here as well, that there could be some possible staining with long term wear so double up on your base coat if you are concerned about that. 

(Under LED Lighting)


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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  1. Some great shades for fall/winter in here. I like them a lot.


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