Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elevation Polish Morocco Collection

Elevation Polish Colline du Charf
Dusky pink purple creme.
I guess it could be classified as mauve but it's not at all boring which is what brings to
 mind when I see the word mauve.
Two coats
Really beautiful neutral and very glossy. 

Elevation Polish Jbel Ayachi
Silver and mint matte microglitter in a clear base
Three thin coats, I could have layered but I like the full effect of just Jbel.

Elevation Polish M'Goun
Gold and bronze microglitter in a clear base
Three thin coats
This one is set to be discontinued so if you haven't had a chance to pick it up, 
do so here before it's gone for good. 

Elevation Polish Toubkal
Dark wine red creme/jelly with gold, red and pink shimmer
Two coats
Vampy and oh so pretty. 

The polishes in Elevation's Morocco collection are available in Elevation Polish's shop here. Updates can be found on Elevation Polish's blog here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Elevation Polish Mount Augustus and Uluru

I have been wearing the majority of my Elevation Polish collection within the last few weeks so I thought I would do a week of Elevation Polish here on my blog. Starting the week off, I have two polishes from the Australia’s Sunrise & Sunset Collection that will be released in May. 

Mount Augustus
Images of Mount Augustus at sunrise and sunset
Two coats of polish, no problem at all with application
Coral pink with pink and gold shimmer
Such a pretty pink. The shimmer adds a nice depth and I can see myself reaching for this one quite often.

Images of Uluru at sunrise and sunset
Two coat of polish, and again, easy application
Bright orange toned red with pink and gold shimmer
Oh I love this color! It's vivid and would be perfect for a hot summer day.

Mount Augustus and Uluru (as well as the rest of the forthcoming Australia Sunrise & Sunset collection) will be available in Elevation Polish's shop here. Updates can be found on Elevation Polish's blog here

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday! spam

OH YES, it's Friday. And I for one, am very happy to have the weekend arrive. Can you tell my week has been busy? Maybe? Just a little. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here is some spam to end the workweek with.

Revlon Streetwear Blood

Dior Shadow

NYC Lethal Purple

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

Pahlish Blood Red Jam

A-England Ophelia

Rainbow Honey A Little Kindess
Layered over A-England Ophelia

Nubar Reclaim

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Emily de Molly When Planets Collide and Majestic Flight

Emily de Molly When Planets Collide
Layered over Nars Midnight Express
I LOVE the orange glitter in this, they are a very cool detailing to the polish.

Emily de Molly Majestic Flight
I honestly don't remember if I wore this one solo or layered, either way, it's an outstanding polish. 
Again, the orange brings an nice touch.

Emily de Molly polishes can be purchased from Llarowe here, Shoppe Eclecticco here, Norway Nails here, and if you are in Australia, from Emily de Molly's Etsy shop here.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Urban Lacquer Ab Initio and The Blue

Urban Lacquer Ab Initio
Worn with two coats and with a matte topcoat.
This one seems familiar, but I could not find another similar polish in my stash. Maybe I just have too many polishes and they are all swirling around in my brain. Anyway, I do really like the colors in this one, I think the orange gives it a nice touch. 

Urban Lacquer The Blue
Layered over KBShimmer Ultra Blue
The one is very eye-catching, the aquamarine color pops on the darker blue base. 
Somewhat similar Lynnderella Thank Blue too!

Urban Lacquer can be purchased from Etsy here. Updates on restocking and new collections can be found on Facebook here

Dandy Nails Bathed in Light and Colorblind

Dandy Nails Bathed in Light
Shifts from gray to plummy pink and is holo, 
very pretty though I wish the holo effect was more pronounced. 

Dandy Nails Colorblind
Layered over Cult Nails Evil Queen
I always feel compelled to layer black and white glitter over red, 
maybe I have a little Cruella de Vil in me (except I like dogs).
For those who dislike bar glitter but like the striking combo of black and white glitter, Colorblind is for you.

Dandy Nails can be purchased from Etsy here and Nina Polish here. Updates on restocking and new collections can be found on Facebook here

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ninja Polish Ambrosia and Divinity

Ninja Polish Ambrosia 
A hot pink jelly that can be worn with two coats (but I used three) and has a gold shimmer that makes it extra special. Such a pretty polish, I have worn twice already since purchasing it. 

Ninja Polish Divinity 
Touted as an alternative to Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire/other similar color shifting polishes, in that is does not need to be layered. Which is true, I applied three coats and did not need to layer to get opacity. The color shift from red to green to gold is impressive, definitely a strong competitor to Clarins 230/MFFF. 

Ambrosia and Divinity are a part of Ninja Polish's Enigma collection and are available on Ninja Polish's website here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nubar Duochromes

No glitter? WHAT? Oh that's alright, I have some very cool duochromes to show today, all from Nubar. I tried my best to capture the color shift in each of these but I wasn't as successful as I would have liked to be, so that means find a bottle and see them for yourself! I wore all of these solo with three coats each. The formula is a bit watery but otherwise non-problematic. 

Nubar Stardust
Color shifts from gold to pink

Nubar Iris Dust
Color shift from a pinky purple to gold

Nubar Moon Shadow
Color shift from berry purple to brown to bronze. 
The color shift on this one is a little more subtle than the other three polishes. 

 Nubar Sun Gold
Color shift from orange to red. 
My favorite of the bunch, this one just glows and is just......hrmmmm....excuse me for a sec. 

I purchased mine from a reliable ebay source here but they are also available on Nubar.com.

Friday, April 12, 2013

OPI Friday

Update on blog sale purchases, everything that was being sent to a domestic address has been mailed and tracking numbers emailed. If you did not receive a Delivery Confirmation # please contact me. Thank you all for your interest and sales! Here are some OPI manis to start your weekend. 

OPI A Woman's Prague-ative
GAH, love this orange beauty. Probably my favorite of the OPI Euro collection.

OPI Can't Let Go

OPI Can't Let Go (with topcoat)

OPI Lights of Emerald City
Layered over Jade Alga Marinha

OPI Roadhouse Blues

OPI My Vampire is Buff

OPI Sparklicious

OPI What's With the Cattitude

 OPI What Wizardry is This

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blog Sale Update!

I did a pretty major purge (still ongoing) and purged over 150 bottles! My blog sale page has been updated with lots of new additions and you can check that out here

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pahlish April Showers Duo

My editing program was not being helpful this morning but after a some patience and possibly a little cursing, here is the Pahlish April Showers Duo. This duo is a limited edition set that is the first in a series of LE Pahlishes released throughout 2013. I loved the inspiration and how the polishes look and am definitely looking forward to future monthly releases. 

Through Still and Storm
A slate blue creme with charcoal micro-flakes and very nice electric blue shimmer
Great creme formula and with two coats of application
Reminds me of dark and rainy early mornings. 

Ocean Gone Wrong
Clear base glitter topper with blue circles and metallic squares, violet shimmer, and gunmetal glitter. 
Two coats applied over Through Still and Storm and they compliment each other perfectly.

Ocean Gone Wrong
I wanted to show Ocean Gone Wrong over a lighter base,
so this is two coats over China Glaze Sea Spray. 

The limited edition Pahlish April Showers Duo will be available this Friday, April 12th, at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's Etsy shop

Going Green Sation

Sation has more than impressed me with their brand reformulation. They have released multiple collections with really eye-catching colors. Of course, I end up getting teals and greens that are variations of each other. Formula wise, pretty good, a little thick with some like Oh My Oceania but otherwise no problem with application. 

Sation Oh My Oceania
Bright aqua creme with aqua shimmer.

Sation I Paint in Peace
Evergreen creme with silver shimmer. 

Sation Dating the Duke
Straight teal creme, no shimmer or glitter in this one. 

Sation Plenty of Frogs
Jelly green with teeny tiny silver micro-glitter. 

Sation polishes can be purchased from Transdesign or Sation's website

Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Friday! Spam

Another week goes by and again, I am way too excited for the weekend. I plan on sleeping in, swatching some of my purge pile, and enjoying the (hopefully) nice April weather. Here is a continuation of some random spam to end the work week with. 

Cult Nails Manipulative

Cult Nails Flushed

Dare to Wear Ready For My Close-Up
High impact type of polish with all that holo glitter

Dare to Wear Starstruck

Mosaic Lacquers Here Come the Sun
Layered over Elevation Polish The Arches

Mosiac Lacquer Dreidel

Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard
oooooh yes, love this one so very much with it's INYOURFACE neon color

Takko Lacquer Pucker Up
One of the five coral colors I ended up getting this spring. 
Definitely unique enough among the other ones. 

Nina Ultra Pro Ink-Ling

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights
This is BRIGHT, which I like. 
This is a nice alternative to Orly Hot House Flower but they are not dupes unfortunately.