Monday, April 8, 2013

Going Green Sation

Sation has more than impressed me with their brand reformulation. They have released multiple collections with really eye-catching colors. Of course, I end up getting teals and greens that are variations of each other. Formula wise, pretty good, a little thick with some like Oh My Oceania but otherwise no problem with application. 

Sation Oh My Oceania
Bright aqua creme with aqua shimmer.

Sation I Paint in Peace
Evergreen creme with silver shimmer. 

Sation Dating the Duke
Straight teal creme, no shimmer or glitter in this one. 

Sation Plenty of Frogs
Jelly green with teeny tiny silver micro-glitter. 

Sation polishes can be purchased from Transdesign or Sation's website


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