Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blog Sale Update (and Blog Update) April 2018

Hi everyone! It has been forever and a day since I was on this space. I never formally announced quitting my blog and to be honest, that was because I always felt like I would return to it. The more time that passed though, I felt more and more disconnected from the nail world and blogging about nail polish. I can't say that this blog itself will not be active in some way in the future but I likely will never go back to blogging and swatching nail polish as I used to. 

There are many reasons behind this, but I think the biggest was burnout. Good gosh, that blogger burnout hit me hard. I think if I was able to truly monetize my blog with a even a small steady income, it would have been worth the time and effort I put in. But more and more I found myself blogging here out of a sense of obligation rather than happiness of hobby blogging. I have also found that my interests have shifted to other things and in order to find balance with my time, something had to give. 

So what does this blog look like in the future? I don't for sure know yet but I would like to still keep this space open in the future for other interests I have. Whether anyone reads the words or posts I create is a whole other question and one I do want to ask: If I talked about my journey in bettering my wellness, would you be interested in that at all? I am focusing on weight loss (slowly so slowly) however overall, I am trying to increase my health self-awareness and how food/exercise/hydration/etc. can affect me in positive and negative ways. 

Okay, that was a lot of rambling. What you are more likely intersted in is polish. Specifically, polish for SALE. And I do have quite a few for you to look and buy. I don't know when I will do another sale but considering I still have one full helmer left in my closet, if there is interest, I will likely post one more sale sometime over the next few months before the height of summer. 

For the most current updated sale page CLICK HERE or on the link at the top of the page!

Til next time......



  1. As someone working on her health too (trying to practice what I preach!), I’d love to hear about your health journey!

  2. I'll be here to read whatever you post! <3

  3. Ah, Ida, glad to see you are doing well! I'd be interested to read about your fitness journey.. even though I cannot believe that every time there is a blog sale, no matter how quickly I click on the link, every polish I have been searching for is already sold, boggles the mind;-p

  4. Would love to read about your journey to anything! I think it is natural to shift interest over time. For now, I have dropped nail polish and paper crafting and in the last 2 years, took up cooking, baking, and running half marathons. :) This is YOUR blog, it should be on topics YOU enjoy!
    - Pam C

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