Friday, January 30, 2015

Pahlish Sweethearts Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Good morning! I have a new collection from Pahlish to share with you guys today. The Sweethearts Collection is a five piece set of shimmer holographic polishes, all inspired by Sweethearts Conversation Heart candy. Each of the polishes are named after actual phrases that are included on the hearts. It wouldn't be a proper Valentine's Day without these heart shaped candy treats and I loved seeing a Pahlish collection using them as inspiration. As for application, no issues to speak of. A few are more opaque then others but with all I applied three coats for full coverage and a layer of topcoat in each photo. I would recommend an additional layer of topcoat, just so you are left with a nice glass-smooth finish. 

The Sweethearts Collection will be released on February 6th at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop. This collection will be available limited editions for the month of February.

Pahlish Only You
Three coats
Rose pink linear holographic with rose-gold and metallic gold micro-flakes
Rose and gold compliment each other so well here. The is strong but it doesn't overpower the soft rose pink. 

Pahlish You & Me
Three coats
Silvery taupe linear holographic with gold metallic micro-flakes and taupe/red shimmer
We must have a taupe in this collection, it's a Pahlish tradition! A departure from the other colors but it doesn't clash against them. It almost looks pewter in the certain lighting. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Pahlish Be True
Three coats
Pale gold linear holographic with metallic gold micro-flakes with iridescent pink and violet sparks
My kind of gold, just pale enough to look like a buttercup yellow but you still have the metallic feel to it. Especially pretty in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Pahlish Dear One
Three coats
Lavender purple linear holographic with gold shimmer and gold micro-flakes
As with Only You, the gold and lavender go very well together. It's the kind of polish that will make you go, "How pretty!"

(Direct Sunlight) 

Pahlish Let's Kiss
Three coats
Neon rose scattered holographic with hot pink, violet-blue, and violet-pink micro-flake shimmer
This one on the other hand, will make you go "Hot damn!" It's very bright and just gorgeous to wear on a sunny day. 

(Direct Sunlight) 



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. These are all so gorgeous Ida, and you showcase them so well!! <3 <3

  2. Lovely swatches, thanks for posting! Only You and Dear one are definitely my faves.

  3. These are all so pretty! I want them all.

  4. I cannot resist pinks! and holos *_*

    1. haha, neither can I and I never used to be that way but somehow pink is a color I love, especially the holo kind.


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