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Elevation Polish Minneapolish Collection & Yeti Hides in the Mini-Apple: Swatches and Review

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Hey guys! It's been a bit quiet here the last few weeks but I have too much planned to let this lapse continue. For today, I have Elevation Polish's February collection to share. As some of you may know, Elevation's home is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with the Minneapolish Collection, we get to see polishes inspired by the city Lulu loves. If you have a chance, you should check out this post from Elevation's blog, Lulu explains a little about the polishes and the locations inspirations in this collection. 

There is also a new Yeti polish this month,  Yeti Hides in the Mini-Apple, and as with other limited edition Yeti polishes, it will only be available during the month of February. 

The Minneapolish Collection will be released this Saturday, February 7th, at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop

Elevation Polish Lake of the Isles
Two coats 
Cornflower blue creme/gel/jelly 
Hmmmmmmm that shine. JUST LOOK AT IT. I always apply topcoat when I swatch polishes but this time I did not, I wanted you guys to see just how shiny this polish is. The finish is something new from Elevation, what they are calling a "Gelly" polish, as it has the depth that you get with a jelly but the shine you get from a gel polish. The first coat will be streaky but that second coat will get you a more opaque finish. 

Elevation Polish Mill City Ruins
Three coats
Olive creme/jelly with gold flake and shimmer. 
This is a thermal polish, the first from Elevation, transitioning to a darker olive green in colder temperatures. It's has a thinner formula but I got opaque coverage in three coats. And like other thermal polishes, after about 6 months or so, the thermal change will diminish, so the color in the first photos will be what you can expect long term. 

(Color change when exposed to cold temperature) 

Elevation Polish St. Anthony Falls
Three coats
White jelly with gunmetal and multi-colored iridescent glitter
I love the contrast between the dark gray and soft white jelly and the glints of rainbow iridescence are wonderful. White jelly based polishes can be tricky and I do recommend thinner coats when you apply this but otherwise no problems with application. 

Elevation Polish Theo Wirth Parkway
Two coats
Blue leaning teal creme with rainbow and silver shimmer
A beautiful jewel toned color and with that added shimmer, this is a must have polish if you like teal. Easy application, nothing worth noting. 

Elevation Polish The Walker
Two coats
Lilac metallic linear high density holographic
Elevation makes some of the prettiest purple holos in my opinion and this a great addition. It's a little thick so I do recommend waiting a few minutes between coats and before applying topcoat. The holo flame though, it's loud and proud, especially in light. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Elevation Polish Yeti Hides in the Mini-Apple
Two coats
Cherry red medium density linear holographic with red/gold shimmer. 
It is probably the right assumption that if Yeti was going to hide out somewhere, it would be in the Mini-Apple, which is one of Minneapolis's nicknames. This is one outstanding red polish and I absolutely LOVE it. It's just the right shade of red, not too pink or orange. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition polish, and will only be available throughout the month of February. 

(Direct Sunlight)  


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