Friday, January 3, 2014

Scofflaw Nail Varnish Winter 2014 Collection

It's Friday, yay! I hope you guys had a great holiday and new year's celebrations. Let's start 2014 with a marvelous new collection from Scofflaw Nail Varnish. These 10, yup 10, are all a part of her Winter 2014 collection and will be released this Sunday, January 5th in her brand new shop. This collection is full of beautiful, playful, and unique colors, I honestly don't think I could cut any of them if I was making a shopping list. And the formula on these were so good, no trouble whatsoever with application.

Scofflaw Chromosaurus Hex 
Three coats
Dusky lavender creme with dark and light green and gold glitter and gold/green micro-shimmer.
Right out of the park, pretty pretty polish and dreamy formula. And can you imagine how wondrous it would be to see a dinosaur with this coloring? 

Scofflaw Dingoes Ate My Baby 
Two coats
Dark teal jelly with blue, green, and iridescent sparks and shimmer.
Instantly, my mind went to one Elaine Benes
The color is outstanding, very dark and mysterious. That shimmer is just.....*swoon*.

Scofflaw Drop Dead Fred 
Three coats
Pale lime green creme with holo blue and copper glitter and gold/copper micro-shimmer.
I remember seeing the movie as a child and that it kinda freaked me out. Maybe a re-watch is in order. 
The polish freaks me out too, but in a good way. 

 Scofflaw I am the Narwhal
Three coats
Ice blue creme with turquoise and silver micro-glitter and silvery shimmer throughout.
Makes me think of frost on the glass and winter fun. The narwhal would approve!

Scofflaw Jackalope
Three coats
Chocolate brown creme with white and teal glitter and turquoise micro-shimmer and flakes. 
Oh Jackalope, how magical the world would be if you were true. 
The white and turquoise is striking against that rich chocolate brown.

 Scofflaw Ruff Tuff Creampuff
Three coats
Milky cream colored creme with subtle peach shimmer.
I could gush and gush over this particular polish for days. The color is just warm enough and it applies smoothly. I've used it three times already since receiving it. It's really great to use as a layering polish but just as nice to wear by itself. 

Scofflaw Wraith Pinned the the Mist 
Three coats
Light aqua creme with violet, green, gold, and blue bits of micro-glitter and gold flakes. 
Goodness, the is pretty with a capital P. The gold accents the aqua color really well. 
Let's pretend we don't exist, let's pretend we're in Antarctica. Love the song reference!

Scofflaw Your Cat Ain't Cute
Two coats
Vibrant coral creme with neon coral, gold, and chocolate brown glitter. 
Is is any surprise that I absolutely adore this polish? Probably not, considering my much expressed love for coral and orange. 
And as a major cat lady, I am just going to have to pretend that the label really says Your Cat Ain't IS Cute.

Scofflaw Love Letter to Bob Ross
Two coats
Darkened slate blue/green creme with turquoise shimmer and grey flakes and sparks of red, blue, and pink. 
Bob Ross, the man who provided hours of TV watching in my childhood, this polish is a beautiful ode to you. 
With many nostalgic thoughts running through my mind, I couldn't help but love this polish. 
Reference notwithstanding, the color is fantastic. I am not usually drawn toward slate tones but this one is special with it's sparks and shimmer. 

Scofflaw Happy Little Tree 
Layered over Love Letter to Bob Ross 
Clear base topper of pale yellow and green, gunmetal, grey, and aqua glitter in hexes and dots. 
Meant to accompany Love Letter to Bob Ross, this duo is like seeing one of Bob Ross' paintings on my nails. *happy sigh*

Scofflaw Happy Little Tree 
Layered over Love Letter to Bob Ross and mattified

Scofflaw Happy Little Tree
Layered over Ruff Tuff Creampuff
I wanted to show you guys another look with Happy Little Tree and I think it layers perfectly over Ruff Tuff Creampuff. 

Scofflaw Nail Varnish are available in her brand new Big Cartel shop as well as through Llarowe and Femme Fatale. Updates can be found on Scofflaw's Facebook page and website

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. I LOVE this entire collection. OMG you make me want it even more than I already did with those gorgeous swatches. Is it Sunday yet?

  2. Great winter collection! I like that it doesn't have the traditional colors you would expect in it too :)

  3. These look fantastic on you. I'm sort of glad she doesn't ship outside the US otherwise I'd find myself buying most of them!

  4. The green one is really pretty!


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