Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introduction to Baroness of Glitter

Hey all! I have a new indie brand to introduce to you guys today. Baroness of Glitter is created by the lovely Demi. She has been creating polish for herself and friends and family for a while as well as for her jewelry line and recently decided to take the plunge in the indie polish market. The three polishes I have to share are from her upcoming Chromatic Love Collection, which will include four different sets of colors and finishes. The set of three shown here are a part of the Multichromatic Couples Set, polishes that marry color shifting pigment and color shifting glitter. This set, along with the rest of the Chromatic Love Collection, will be available this Saturday, January 11th in her shop

I really love how these look, there are a number of color shifting polishes out there but these are so very pretty and have Demi's unique touch to them. So new brand, how's the formula you may ask? Formula wise these were great, I wore each polish over a layer of my trusty black (American Apparel Hassid) and my standby topcoat and I had no problems with application. I hope you like them as much as I do! Oh and I mentioned Demi had jewelry lines, Demiflux is her line that is mixed with her nail polish, and Elemental Haiku is her line that incorporates nature. 

Baroness of Glitter Aquaflux
Two coats layered over black
Green to aqua to purple color shifting polish with fuchsia to purple color shifting glitter.
The green is strong in this one, much like the force, I mean......never-mind. I love how the glitter contrasts
against the base. 

Baroness of Glitter Bluemorph
Two coats layered over black
Blue to purple to red color shifting polish with purple to red color shifting glitter.
Bold blue to purple and it looks so good. 

Baroness of Glitter Goldshift
Two coats layered over black
Rose to green to gold color shifting polish with gold to green color shifting glitter.
Daaaaaamn that is one fine looking polish! Yup this one is most definitely my favorite. 

Baroness of Glitter can be purchased in her Etsy store here. Updates can be found on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


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