Monday, January 27, 2014

Sephora Formula X Monday

Hello readers! I have a few posts that are been kept on the back burner for a few weeks now so I am going to make sure they get published this week. The series of photos that I have this week were edited just a bit smaller than I usually size them., so I apologize for that. 

Today I have a few polishes I picked up from Sephora a few months ago when they first released their new line, Sephora Formula X. I wasn't necessarily looking for a new base-coat or top-coat, so I didn't get any of those. But I was very happy to see such a large range of colors and finishes be released. I think I spent a good 20 minutes just browsing the selection when I first saw them in my local Sephora. And they are all moderately priced at $10 to $12.50 depending on the finish, a little spendy but not too much so, making a nice pick-me-up type polish. 

Sephora Formula X Danger Zone
Two coats
Part of the Electrics
This one looked more coral in the bottle but ended up being a
bright neon pink with pink shimmer.
It was a little on the thick side and dried to a matte finish (not unusual with matte polishes).

Sephora Formula X Galaxy
Two coats
I didn't realize this one was a textured polish until I applied it. But it was a nice surprise, I really like the look of this navy textured polish, the gold shimmer gives it a nice detailing. It's darker and has less gold shimmer than OPI Alacatraz Rocks but they do look similar. 

Sephora Formula X TNT
Layered over Sephora Formula X Galaxy
Yet another finish, this one a clear based topper with cobalt blue glitter in varied sizes. I want to mess around with this one, and see what other bases would compliment the blue glitter. 

Sephora Formula X Kelvin
Two coats
Did I need another orange creme? No, but I could not resist. It looked so tempting in the packaging.
The cremes in the New Classics line were outstanding, two coats for each polish and high shine. 

Sephora Formula X Pyrotechnic
Two coats
Cherry red creme and the creme formula is perfection. 

Sephora Formula X Chaotic
Layered over Sephora Formula X Pyrotechnic
I bought this one to see how it would compare to Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army. At first glance, it looks very similar, both are black and white glitter in a clear base with holo pigment. But the Enchanted wins over this one for me. Chaotic has larger pieces of glitter and the holo pigment is more subtle. Still, a very pretty topper and if you don't have Seven Nation Army, I would recommend getting this one. 

Sephora Formula X Spark
Three coats
Sparkle galore with this one, with it's gold holo glitter in a light orange jelly base. 
The jelly is more sheer but buildable. 

Sephora Formula X Obessed
Two coats
Oh so vampy, this dark dark wine red jelly is another that has an awesome formula. 

Sephora Formula X Thrilling
Two coats
Ahh! I love this one so. much. I can't explain why the most understated of all of these polishes is my favorite. I love a good neutral and this one applied so smoothly and is just cool enough for my skin tone. 

Sephora Fomula X are released in specifically named lines within the brand, such as New Classics, Electrics, Holograms, etc. These all can be purchased online or at your local Sehora. 


  1. Ooohhhh, that Danger Zone! LOVE it! :-)

  2. Danger Zone is gorgeous! I saw that one in person and really really wanted to get it. It's the perfect color for summer.


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