Saturday, January 11, 2014

Darling Diva Polish Saturday Spam

Weekend post! I have had some Darling Diva Polish photos in a folder, just waiting to be shown so here they are, in random assortment for your Saturday spam post. Enjoy!

Darling Diva Polish DMSR
Three coats

Darling Diva Polish Erotic City 
Layered over Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets

 Darling Diva Polish Seriously Serious
Layered over Verity Deep Violet 

Darling Diva Polish Zen Pool
Three coats

Darling Diva Polish Ringer
Layered over Nina Ultra Pro Cobalt

Darling Diva Polish And a Bag of Chips 
Layered over Ludurana Fascinante

Darling Diva Polish Maxed Out
Two coats over black
(similar to Happy Wife, Happy Life! but with added holo pigment)

Darling Diva Polish Shop Til You Drop
Two coats over black
(similar to Tease but with added holo pigment)

Darling Diva Polish Early Riser
Two coats

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased in her Big Cartel shop as well as through Llarowe and Edgy Polish. Updates can be found on her Facebook page and Instagram


  1. Beautiful swatches and beautiful polishes! I love Darling Diva. Of my entire indie collections DDP and Smitten stands out since they both have their own Helmer drawers and need to get more space. :D

  2. I love Ringer -- it looks especially gorgeous over the cobalt blue color! I have Zen Pool but I haven't used it in awhile... after seeing your swatches I think it might be time to get it out again! Beautiful swatches, as always :)


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