Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Super Black Lacquers Becky, Purdy, Sweet Tooth, and The Bends

Hey guys! I have some Super Black Lacquers to share today. Super Black is a line by Natalie Dee, internet lady hero extraordinaire. The polishes are really nice formula wise, not too thick, and apply easily and the clean cut square bottles appeal to the packaging slut in me. Natalie manages to keep her shop well stocked and ships quickly. If something is out of stock, no worries, she will get that item stocked as soon as she can. 

Super Black Lacquers Becky
Two coats
LOL, please don't tell me you didn't have that in your head. And if you didn't already, just click on the hyperlink, you won't regret it. Well maybe just a little.
Dark navy jelly packed with green micro-glitter. 
Simple conceptually but very unique. 

Super Black Lacquers Purdy
Two coats
Light purple creme with red shimmer.
OH I LOVE THIS ONE! It's applies like a dream and super shiny. 
By far, my favorite of these four.

Super Black Lacquers Sweet Tooth
Three coats
Multi-color glitters in a violet jelly base. 
Very tasty, like candy on my nails!

Super Black Lacquers The Bends
Two coats
Black, white, and holo turquoise in a deep blue base. 
Beautiful! In hindsight, I should have matted this, it would have looked amazing that way. 

Super Black Lacquers are available here. Updates can be found on Super Black Lacquer's Facebook page


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