Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top 20 Polishes of 2013: Part Two

Hello hello! This Part Two of my top 20 polish picks from 2013. I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve. 'Til next year! 

Lynnderella Diamond Light
Layered over Elevation Polish Wisteria 
Previously posted here and available for purchase here
Those holo silver and pink circles, I don't know why I love them so much but I do. This is a stunning polish and the best one Lynnderella released in their regular non-LE line this year. 

My Ten Friends Multipass
Three coats
Previously posted here and My Ten Friends' shop is here
This one was created for my one year blogiversary back in September by the amazing Mei Lynn from My Ten Friends. I didn't give her any requirements just that I love bright colors and especially orange and she created this freaking out-of-this-world polish. 

Oopsie Daisies Bluebird
Three coats
Previously posted here and Oopsie Daisies' shop is here
Simplistic in design but that's what I love about it. The copper and brown specks in that creamy pale blue base, beautiful!

OPI Jinx
Two coats
Previously posted here and available to purchase wherever OPI is sold 
Textured polishes kind of exploded in 2013. I have a handful in my collection that I like but Jinx was definitely my favorite of them, and my favorite OPI polish of this year. 

Pahlish Old Fired Were Burning August Duo: 
Heavy with Mood Layered over Slow Like Honey 
Previously posted here and Pahlish's shop is here
I am cheating a bit with this pick, techinically it's two polishes but since they are a duo, I am making it one. Pahlish really amped up their line this last year, each collection release impressed me more than the last. And I love that each month gets it's own duo release. 
The colors in this August duo are subtle and striking all at once, I love that juxtaposition. 

Polish Revolution Glitterbox
Layered over American Apparel Night Sky 
Polish Revolution's shop is here
An all square iridescent glitter polish? Done and done. 
I can't wait to see what Lauryn has in store for 2014!

Pretty Serious Liquid Leprechaun
Three coats
Previously posted here and Pretty Serious' shop is here
Though I did get quite a lot of Aussie indie polishes in 2013, this Pretty Serious one is the winner. It's eye-catching and holo in it's green/goldness. 

Scofflaw This Must Be the Place
Three coats
Scofflaw Nail Varnishes' shop is here but this one is available for purchase here
Scofflaw came on the indie polish scene in 2013 and each and every polish made by her is unique. That's not easy feat! This Must Be the Place is one of her softer colors but for me it makes just as much impact as her bolder ones. 

Takko Lacquer Blushing Nude
Three coats
Previously posted here and Takko Lacquer's shop is here
You are probably wondering why I picked this one, considering the other bright and bold polishes on my list.  2013 is the year I came to realize just how much I love a good nude polish. And this is a creamy nude with pink shimmer is totally not shy. Neutral with a twist, be still my heart.

Wet n' Wild Teal Slowly and See
Two coats
I haven't posted this one on my blog yet and unfortunately I don't know if this is still available in drugstores. 
The bright cyan blue color, the pricetag, the creamy formula, it all does so much for me. Utter blue perfection. 


  1. These posts are cracking me up because we have a lot of favorites in common this year!! :D

    1. And the ones I have in common with this list I didn't actually include in my recent post. I have a dupe for Jinx in common and PS Liquid Leprechaun I got last year so I didn't include it and Oopsie Daisies Bluebird was only slightly edged out by Electic Lemonade. :D

    2. haha WIN! That's cause we both clearly have amazing taste. I loved your picks too! I was *this* close to picking Fleur de Sel and Electric Coral.

    3. Agreed! We are just fabulous...that's all! <3

  2. Great colors! I love them all, haha!

  3. These are lovely! I don't have any in common though. lol!


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