Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lacquistry So I'll Propose on Halloween and Witching Hour

Hello readers! How's humpday treating you? I have been prepping my next blog sale so that will post shortly. In the meantime, here are two Lacquistry polishes from her Halloween 2013 collection. Lacquistry polishes can be purchased from her Etsy shop here and updates can be found on her Facebook page here

Lacquistry So I'll Propose on Halloween
Layered over Sally Hansen Drama Sheen
Orange and violet glitter in a clear base
LOVE this combo of colors and the how this paired with the Sally Hansen polish. The orange hearts are a nice touch. I seriously didn't want to take this off. 

Lacquistry Witching Hour
Layered over American Apparel Palm Springs 
Orange, cyan and navy blue glitter in a clear base.
While I liked this one, it wasn't quite the win for me as the previous one. Maybe it was the choice of base color.

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