Friday, December 20, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Holiday Diva Collection

 Happy happy Friday you guys! It is basically holiday time for me at this point, as of 5:00 pm today, I won't be working until next year. Let's end the week with Darling Diva Polish's Holiday Dive Collection. These are available right this moment in her Big Cartel shop so head of there to pick these up. I have been somewhat avoiding the big holiday shaped glitter this year, for some reason they weren't quite doing it for me. That said, I really didn't have problems fishing or laying flat the ones in this collection. And Carrie was nice enough to include extra loose glitter. 

Darling Diva Polish Flocons de Neige Sous l'Aurore
Layered over American Apparel Santorini
White and pastel glitter with pink shimmer throughout
So effing pretty, I love how this turned out over the light blue base. 

Darling Diva Polish Jingle Bells
Layered over Illamasqua Rampage 
Red, green, white, and holo silver in clear base
 Who feels like sing Jingle Bells now?

Darling Diva Polish Poinsettia Pasties
Three coats 
Red, green, and holo gold stars with gold glitter accents in a cream base
A holiday themed polish, but I could definitely see myself breaking this out anytime of the year.

Darling Diva Polish Princess Northwind
Three coats
Holo blue micro-glitter in a cream colored base

Darling Diva Polish Ribbon Candy Kisses
Three coats
Red and green glitter in a cream colored base.
Christmas in a bottle!

Darling Diva Polish Naughty Mrs. Claus
Two coats
Cherry red jelly with gold shimmer
If you wanted to sneak a kiss under mistletoe, you couldn't pick a better polish to be wearing. 

Darling Diva Polish Snow Angel 
Four coats
White color shifting shimmer. 
The shimmer shifts from pink to blue, I wish I had a better photo capture it but believe me, it's eye-catching.
It's sheer but if you wanted to wear it solo, you can with four coats. OR you could layer it over a darker color, as I did in the photo below. 

Darling Diva Polish Snow Angel 
Layered over Naughty Mrs. Claus

Darling Diva Polish Frosty Glitter
Layered over Cult Nails Time Traveler
White and iridescent glitter in a clear base with some iridescent shimmer
I had a derp moment and forgot to add the snowman glitter that came a container. There are snowman glitter in the bottle but since they are larger pieces, they are a harder to fish out. Even without the snowman, I think this one is my favorite of the collection, the iridescence is soooo pretty over the dark blue. 

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story
Four coats
Red and green micro-glitter in a clear base. 
Beautiful! It practically glows from within. 
Another one that you could layer but the purist in me wanted to see how it would look solo. 

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased in her Etsy and Big Cartel shops as well as through Llarowe and Edgy Polish. Updates can be found on her Facebook page and Instagram

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Wow - these are stunning! I want at least four of them, lol!

  2. I love the nail lacquer.
    do you have experience with the kardashian beauty nails?? :)


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