Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lacquer Lust Holo Wednesday

Happy humpday! I can not catch the sun, as hard as I try, for all the wonderful holo polishes I have but these Lacquer Lust polishes remind me of those sunny days from not too long ago. They are the first Lacquer Lust polishes I've purchased and I was impressed by the formula and overall holo-ness in each polish. Only two coats were needed in each photo and I applied my regular topcoat, which did not dull the holo flame. I think the my favorite of them all is Pearl, which is awesome, considering that is my birthstone. It's unlike any other holographic polish I have in my collection. 

Lacquer Lust Aquamarine

Lacquer Lust Emerald

Lacquer Lust Garnet

Lacquer Lust Pearl

Lacquer Lust Sapphire

Lacquer Lust Butt Bootie Naked

Lacquer Lust polishes can be purchased in her Big Cartel shop as well as through Rainbow Connection and Harlow & Co. Updates can be found on her Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter


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