Thursday, August 8, 2013

Urban Lacquer Opposite of Good Collection

Good morning everyone! I am very excited to share Urban Lacquer's Opposite of Good collection. Because while we try to be good most of the time, sometimes it's just fun to be a little bad. And sometimes bad is just BAD lol. Either way, this collection has a wide range of colors and finishes, something for everyone. No problems with application or formula, with one exception but I will make a note under that polish. 

Urban Lacquer Coffee Breath
Two coats layered over Urban Lacquer Take It Offline
A neutral blend of brown, gold, silver, and pale green in a tinted taupe base. It could be worn solo with multiple coats but I wanted to layer it with another of Urban Lacquer's polishes.
Coffee breath = bad. Coffee breath polish? Sparkly goodness! 

Urban Lacquer Illumi-Naughty
Two coats
Dark blue jelly base with silver holo micro-glitter. 
I absolutely adore this polish, it's glossy and sexy. My favorite of the collection. 

Urban Lacquer Baby Cake
Two coats
Hot pink creme/jelly with gold/green color shifting shimmer. 
The name inspiration, well I will let Brenda from Urban Lacquer tell you what the inspiration is from:
"This polish was inspired by a cake I saw online that was in the shape of...a baby. Not a baby-doll-baby, but a for-real-no-kidding-kinda-looks-like-an-actual-human-baby cake. A strange combination of creepy and edible, and definitely the Opposite of Good."
Note about the formula, this is a concentrated polish color so some staining may occur. My nails were stained a bit after wearing this but after some buffing and few days time, they were back to normal. 

 Urban Lacquer Muffin Top
Two coats
Linear lavender holographic. The holo effect is prominent, in low light but especially in full sunlight. 

Urban Lacquer Reply All 
Two coats layered over a neon gradient.
Assortment of black and white glitters with some larger white circles.
I have done a unintentional reply all email in the past (Oh the regret that I had!). If only the results had been as good as this. 

This new collection will be available for purchase on Sunday, August 11th, at 6 pm CST, in Urban Lacquer's Etsy shop. Make sure to check out her Facebook page for more information and updates. 

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. What a fun looking collection! :)

  2. I love Illumi-naughty and Reply All! Those big white dots!! It looks awesome over that lovely gradient!

    1. Thanks! I think those are two great ones. Did you end up ordering yourself?

  3. Gorgeous swatches!! Reply All is definitely my favorite. :D


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