Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pahlish Summer Soda Fountain Collection

Hello hello! Today I have Pahlish's Summer Soda Fountain Collection for you all. I love the inspiration behind this summer collection, such an assortment of bubbly tastiness is just the thing on a hot summer day. 

Pahlish Bubbly Blue Raspberry
Two coats
Blue jelly base with blue and green color shifting glitter and shimmer.
You know this kind of drink that will leave you with blue lips and mouth but that's half the fun!

Pahlish Legra; 1956
Two coats layered over white
Neon green galore with some melon circles in a green tinted base.
First thing that comes to my mind is Mountain Dew (Hey Dude, Do the Dew!). Toxic looking but tasty!

Pahlish Root Beer Barrel
Three coats
Dark brown jelly base with orange/green color shifting glitter and shimmer. 
*fizzzzzzz* I must say that this is making me crave a root beer float like crazy. 

Pahlish Italian Cream Soda
Two coats layered over Pahlish Root Beer Barrel
Clear base glitter topper with lots of translucent color shifting and pale gold and silver holo glitter. 
Super pretty and just enough holo glitter to give it an extra oomph. 

Pahlish Who Loves Orange Soda? 
Three coats
Orange jelly base with violet/blue color shifting glitter and gold micro-flakes.
I love orange so of course this is my favorite of the collection. And this is ORANGE to the 9th degree. 

This are available right now! This very second! in in Pahlish's Etsy shop so make to check them out. Updates can be found on Pahlish's Facebook page


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