Friday, August 9, 2013

My Ten Friends The Sparkly Cycle of Summer Collection

Happy Friday guys! My Ten Friends is restocking tonight (Etsy shop here) so I thought I would post the three I got in her last restock. 

My Ten Friends Solar Dragon
Two coats over China Glaze Riveting
Orange, red, and gold holo glitter in a red tinted base. 
Like liquid hot magma on my nails! Summer heat in a bottle. 

My Ten Friends Space Opera
Two coats
Pink, lavender, purple and gold glitter in a purple base. 
Inspired by beautiful summer sunsets
Perfect visualization of a dusky purple skyline with pink and gold on the horizon. 

My Ten Friends Starry Night
Two coats
Black, white, blue and yellow glitter in a bright blue base. 
GAH, this is stunning! The blue is so vivid and the contrasting glitter adds complexity to the polish. 
A must-buy from this collection. 

I believe these will be available within today's restock but make sure to check out My Ten Friend's Facebook page and blog for updates regarding restock time and stock list. 


  1. These 3 were the the very first My Ten Friends Polish I ever owned. As soon as I saw Starry Night, I was hooked! Now I've become semi-insane over them! lol! But the girl does know how to make a gorgeous polish! I think what I like most is, she used colors and combos that I would never normally think of wearing, but they look good! This collection was pretty mild (as far as outrageous color combos), but nonetheless, still breathtaking. And the formula is fantastic. I never have to fish for glitter, and it always spreads on smooth. It's just wonderful! :)

    1. I agree completely, it's what drew me to her line, the colors. And I had no regret lol.


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