Tuesday, August 13, 2013

American Apparel Sheer Nail Polishes

Hey everyone! It's looking like my next couple of weeks at work are going to be busy enough that I may not be able to do full posts. I have such a backlog of photos though that I don't want to take a blog break, so I plan on posting more pic heavy spam posts for the next two weeks. Hopefully, things will be back to normal by the end of August. I have my 1 year blog anniversary by then and some surprises in store for you all! Today I have American Apparel Sheer nail polishes, all but Manhattan Beach from that collection. 

American Apparel Moonlight Beach

American Apparel Pacific Beach

American Apparel Redondo Beach

American Apparel Zuma Beach

American Apparel Summerland Beach


  1. Lovely sheer colors! Love my American Apparel polishes :)

    1. Me too! They are nice cheap thrills and great formula.

  2. These look super on you. Zuma Beach is the only AA polish in my whole stash but I love it, lol!

    1. Thanks! That's such a nice one to have, not too many jellies that are that color.


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