Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hare Polish Super Post

Hare has a new collection releasing today!! All the info can be found on Hare's blog. The release is split into two times, the first already released at 3 pm CST (though I am sure some stock is left) and the next one will be at 9 pm CST in their Etsy shop. So in honor of their newest late summer collection release, here are a number of Hare Polishes I have. More of my Hare Polishes post can be viewed by selecting the Hare label on the very bottom of the post. 

Hare Polish Archipelago

Hare Polish Bio-Exorcist

Hare Polish King of Carat Flowers

Hare Polish Oceans of Alloys

Hare Polish Pegasus

Hare Polish Star Tropics
Layered over OPI... Eurso Euro 

Hare Polish Let them Eat...What?

Hare Polish Hooky at the Hamlet

Hare Polish Rococo Grandeur

 Hare Polish Bisbee 

 Hare Polish Bisbee (mattified)

Hare Polish Bisbee 2.0 

Hare Polish Bisbee 2.0 (mattified)


  1. Even though these all look good on you, gotta say, I still like the old ones best!

    My Archipelago, old versions Bisbee, A-Positive and Pegasus are among my favourite indies. Apart from Asteroid Turf, I don't care much for any of the newer Hares.

    1. I do love the old ones but I can't help falling in love with the new ones. It's not across the board love but I think Nikole is great about creating lemmings in me.

  2. Goodness you make everything look gorgeous!!!


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