Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elevation Polish Sample/Prototype Tuesday

Another Elevation Polish post for you all today! This one includes samples and prototypes released more recently. With the exception of Malaspina Glacier, these are not available for sale now. BUT there is always new prototypes and samples available with each restock so make sure to be ready this Wednesday (8/7/13 at 9 pm CST here) for the August restock! 

Elevation Polish Abano
Two coats layered Sinful Gel Tech Most Sinful

 Elevation Polish Piz Pal├╝
Three coats

Elevation Polish Cotopaxi
Two coats

Elevation Polish Opal
Two coats

Elevation Polish Sample IND #19
Three coats

Elevation Polish Malaspina Glacier
Two coats
Llarowe exclusive available here


  1. Goodness, I need to try and remember the restock tomorrow. I never remember so I miss out on trying to get the samples and prototypes.

  2. hey, you got an opal! It looks great on you!

    1. I do! But it's so much prettier on you, I swear!


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